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May 31, 2011

Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner's 'Weiner shot' And Twitter (Updated)

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If you're like me and have wondered what all the hoopla over Congressman Anthony Weiner's 'weiner' and Twitter was all about but haven't bothered to check it all out, Johah Goldberg sums it up over at The Corner:

Over the weekend I said that I suspect this will not end well for Congressman Weiner. I still think I'm right. Rep.Weiner stands accused of sending a lewd picture to a young girl via Twitter. He says he didn't do it. At first his office said his Twitter account was "hacked." Now he says it was all a "prank." This is an important change in language because to claim his account was hacked is to claim he was a victim of a crime. Meanwhile a prank is something he can wave away.

Meanwhile, the Left has been all over the place. They seem torn between wanting this all to go away and wanting to pin it on Andrew Breitbart or some other conservatives to be named later. That's a problem because Breitbart et al. seem perfectly happy to have an investigation.

Meanwhile, the only person who wants to let the story die is Weiner, which suggests he's the one who has done something wrong or knows something he doesn't want others to know. Even some at Daily Kos realize this is a problem. And while the MSM seems perfectly inclined to follow Weiner's lead, there are just too many other outlets that will not let go of the story.

I honestly have no idea what happened, but I do know that Anthony Weiner is exactly the kind of Democrat who would sensationalize a story like this if the politician involved was a Republican. And you can be sure the press wouldn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming to cover it.

Read more.

As for "Anthony Weiner (being) exactly the kind of Democrat who would sensationalize a story like this if the politician involved was a Republican," one need only look at how Weiner has ranted against Republicans in the past to realize just how true this is:

Update: Aaron Worthing writes that if you thought that Congressman Weiner couldn't look worse than he did in this post, well you were wrong. There is of course, this video, too:

So Why Was the Weiner Interested in the Porn Star?
C'mon, Anthony,Throw 'Em A Rope

Posted by Abdul at May 31, 2011 11:33 AM

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