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May 26, 2011

Op-Ed: Bibi to Obama - Swap This!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives, Political News and commentaries

Great Op-Ed on the Israeli publication Arutz Shevah by Jack Engelhard about the recent rift in American - Israeli relations caused by Obama's recent speech on Israel and the Middle East, his reception at AIPAC, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu's appropriate come back at Obama.

Engelhard writes:

"Israel's friends and foes seem to be dancing at the same wedding. Those people at AIPAC applauded when President Obama urged a two-state 'solution' and even when he proposed a land 'swap.'"
And he's right in that assessment. One has to scratch one's head why the Jewish American members of AIPAC, supposedly a pro-Israel lobbying group, would receive president Obama so "warmly" - at AIPAC of all places - after Obama literally threw Israel under his notorious "bus"!

I mean, its all good and well for AIPAC to have received Obama with decorum and civility, and the respect attending to his Office as president, but with rounds of applause, and cheers, and a "standing ovation"? Come on!

Mr. Engelhard goes on to liken such language as that used by Obama at AIPAC as eerily reminiscent to that used in the past to round-up and eradicate Jews in Europe during Nazi occupation:

"That language goes back to the Wannsee Conference, Jan. 1942. This is where the Holocaust officially began when Hitler's lieutenants met to formulate a 'final solution to the Jewish question.'"
Poignantly elaborating:
"The Wannsee Conference was not about ovens. It was about TRAIN SCHEDULES. It was about 'transferring' Jews from one place to another.

Sound familiar?"

"King Solomon said, 'Death and life are in the power of the tongue.' We serve the cause of our enemies when we use their terminology, and thereby curse ourselves."

[...] "SWAP: What other country is asked to swap? Name one. People swap baseball cards and even baseball players in Fantasy Baseball and if I recall correctly, people swap places in the game of Monopoly but NOBODY swaps land for "peace" or for anything else. I am not familiar with Fantasy Geography, like - 'I'll give you Texas for Mexico.'"

"I met an Egyptian general the month that Israel gave away the Sinai. I asked him - I said, 'Would Egypt ever reciprocate?'"

"He said, 'You mean swap any part of our land? Are you insane? Land is holy.'"

"Bibi (calling on Congress as well), came near to saying that in his emotional rebuttal to Obama's 'To your tents, O Israel.' In that moment, Bibi found his inner Jabotinsky, and found some of it again Monday night when he told AIPAC that those Arab uprisings well outside Israel prove that 'the problems in the region are not rooted in Israel.'"

"Still coming on strong - and sending a hint to Obama -- Bibi told the AIPAC gathering, 'It's time to stop blaming Israel for all the region's problems. Israel is not what's wrong with the Middle East. Israel is what's right with the Middle East.' He reminded the audience that America and Israel are united through the ethics brought forth by the Jews, as found in the words of Torah, and as inscribed on the Liberty Bell from Leviticus: 'Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.'"

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One cannot but be baffled by the enthusiastic reception given president Obama at AIPAC after his blundering reversal on Israel. It demands a bit of soul-searching on the part of Jewish-American voters, 78% of whom voted for Obama in the last elections, and it does merit analyzing.

That the majority of Jewish-American voters be liberal and generally vote Democratic is understandable to a point.

They are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, of those Jewish immigrants that came from Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and other places throughout Europe, fleeing Pogroms and persecution, bigotry and prejudice, poverty and oppression. Or that fled Hitler's Germany and the advance of the Nazis, only to not be allowed to disembark, and be refused refuge, everywhere they went- the ships carrying them not being permitted to dock, but turned if they were vermin: the unwanted, the undesirable, men and women without a country, with no place to lay their heads down...

So, again to a point, it is to be expected that their ancestors having been "poor", "oppressed", and "downtrodden" themselves, these American Jews, their descendants, would identify themselves with the Democratic Party, which has billed itself as the party of the "Poor, oppressed, and downtrodden" ever since it reinvented itself in the face of the Civil Rights Movement; even though, ironically, it was the Democrats who had been the party of institutionalized racism in America, that had legislated "Segregation" and enacted the "Jim Crow" laws in the South.

Though a sizeable number of American Jews see themselves as "secular" and are liberal and left-leaning in their political views, nevertheless most Jewish-Americans do share a concern for their ancestral home, Israel, and its survival, and it is precisely to lobby Washington for policies favorable to Israel, and to intercede on behalf of the fledging Jewish State, that such organizations as AIPAC were formed.

In his speech on the Middle East last week, Obama broke away with what had been American foreign policy concerning Israel and its security since president Johnson, reneging on the past assurances of previous Administrations, siding with Palestinian demands, placing the security of Israel at risk by proposing that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders with its hostile neighbors, advocating Israel negotiates with terrorist Hamas, and urging Israel to put the "Right of Return" of Palestinians to Israeli lands on the negotiating table - which will inevitably result in allowing swarms of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to Israel, who would then take advantage of Israel's democratic process to revert it back into Palestine by the use of mob rule and the populist vote, obliterating the "Jewish State."

Like Jack Engelhard so poignantly observes, at AIPAC Israel's "friends and foes seem to be dancing at the same wedding" and it sadly seems the Jewish American members of AIPAC, are more enamored of Obama and his liberal policies than they are concerned about the security of Israel. Or, dismally, as one Jewish-American viewer on the Factor, who e-mailed O'Reilly about the subject recently put it: Even though he's Jewish he treasures "his secularism," his left-wing "ideology," and "gay rights" (I suppose of his presumed homosexuality) of which - as he said - "Obama is the Chief," far more than he does his Jewish Heritage, the survival of Israel, and or the fate of his Jewish brethren in Israel. Go figure!

Personally, I feel AIPAC should be ashamed of itself! Let's see if they will still be cheering and applauding Obama, when the "standing ovation" will be the one by marching Jews in Israel, being herded by the Palestinians driving them, and the State of Israel, to annihilation into the sea...!

Thank God for "Bibi" Netenyahu, who will not let that happen under his watch....

Posted by Althor at May 26, 2011 8:10 AM

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