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May 2, 2011

Opinion: On The Democrats Making Of The Death Of Bin Laden All About Themselves And Obama

Topics: Political News and commentaries, War on Terror

As Michelle Malkin points out, Democrats are "all in a Twitter" praising Obama and taking all the credit for finally having nailed Osama Bin Laden.

As a matter of fact, listening to the boasting of the Democrats, you'd think instead of just signing the executive order authorizing the action, that it was Obama himself, the one, who putting his life on the line, rappelled from the Black Hawk helicopter down to the compound, and pulled the trigger on Bin Laden.

This, of course, without giving Bush - who set in place the policies that have kept us safe since 9/11, which Obama has been forced by the reality on the ground to uphold almost to the letter in spite of all his campaign promises, and that ultimately made the extermination of Bin Laden possible - any know, that "oaf " Bush!

But, with 2012 fast approaching, what else would you have expected of the Democrats?

First, the Democrats are "politically correct", Islamist-loving "doves", champions of Muslim terrorists' rights, demanding to shut Guantanamo - you know, that evil place of "torture" where Jihadists get three "Halal" meals a day, have "Goldilocks Accommodations" with rooms not too cold, not too hot / beds not too soft, not too hard, and where they torture Islamic inmates during interrogations by playing loud Dixie Chicks music (wait, that actually may constitute "torture") - advocating to ban Military Tribunals of enemy combatants in favor of Holder's "Judge Judy" Civilian Trial "Circuses" on American soil, calling the waterboarding responsible not only for the capture of Bin Laden but for much of the intel that has kept us safe for ten years "torture", riling to dismantle the Patriot Act and rendition, while rooting for the Islamists with their "bleeding hearts".

But now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, under Obama's watch - thanks to the policies that George W. Bush set in place, of the tireless efforts of our military and intelligence agencies over the last ten years, and the sobering fact that the elections of 2012 are just around the corner, all of a sudden the Democrats are "Hawks" and Obama's "Warmonger" policies (didn't Obama win the Nobel "Peace" Prize?) are the ones responsible for our continuing successful execution of the War on Terror!

Wait, scratch that. The Democrats and Obama did manage to steer away from Bush policy in one crucial aspect! It is no longer called "War on Terror" under Obama, but an "Overseas Contingency Operation" which indeed nailed Osama Bin Laden.

Seems the Democrats are a bit confused. They don't know whether they want to be Muslim-appeasing Jihadist-loving doves ... that changed the name of the "Terror Attacks" to "Man-made Disaters" and of the "War on Terror" to "Overseas Contingency Operations"....or now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed under Obama's watch ... he's all of a sudden no longer the mild-mannered, Marxist, Harvard professor, but "Conan-bama the Barbarian" And they, the Democrats, the "Scourge of Islam" - warriors that kill the people that want to kill us!

As Ripley would have put it: "Believe it or not..." ROFL!

Posted by Althor at May 2, 2011 2:51 PM

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