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May 22, 2011

On Obama's Reneging On Israel, While Cheering All The "Arab Spring" Chaos - Opinion

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Ever since Obama took Office, not only has he demonstrated a barely veiled animosity towards Israel, but has in fact subjected in the past the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netenyahu, to diplomatic indignities unbefitting, not only of a visiting Foreign Head of State, but of the leader of one of America's staunchest allies, Israel, treating him dismissively, and snobbing him with a disdain bordering on contempt!

In his recent speech on the Middle East, which oddly enough Obama gave on the day prior to the scheduled visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to the White House (perhaps as one more "slap in the face" to Israel and Netenyahu, on Obama's part?), an exuberant Obama sung the praises of the "Arab Spring" chaos sweeping throughout North Africa and the Middle East, oblivious to the inherent instability, the turmoil, the violence, and all the bloodshed it has brought about, lauding it as movement towards "democracy" without taking into account the lessons of the past, and the fact that most Muslims generally do not view "democracy" the "voice of the people" or "...the right to choose your own leaders - whether you live in Baghdad or Damascus; Sanaa or Teheran", to which Obama so eloquently alluded in the speech, quite in the Jeffersonian manner that we do, but rather through the ever-overbearing prism of Islam and, that as with the Iranian Revolution and the return of Khomeini to the cheering "voice" of the Iranian people welcoming him to power, or as happened in the "democratic elections" in Gaza and Lebanon, where the "voice of the people" chose Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, respectively, to head their governments, in the past they consistently have not chosen that "freedom-loving" democracy Obama naively purports they will now choose.

I wonder if president Obama could hear the cries for help of American reporter Laura Logan, as that "voice of the people" he so cherishes chanted: "Jew, Jew, Jew..." (though Laura Logan is not Jewish) even as they raped her in the heat of all the "democratic joy and fervor" in Tahrir Square, in Egypt. I wonder if he was even listening!

And or when CNN's Anderson Cooper's face was "democratically" being pummeled, also at Tahrir Square....though I suspect in Cooper's case, he would rather have been raped...

This, while referring to our Israeli allies defending themselves and their besieged Jewish Homeland from unceasing Palestinian terrorism, rocket attacks, and suicide bombings, as: "occupiers", taking the opportunity to reverse long standing American policy concerning Israel and its security, and reneging on the previous assurances and commitments to Israel of past administrations, stating:

"The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine. The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state...Two wrenching and emotional issues remain: the future of Jerusalem, and the fate of Palestinian refugees..."
This, oblivious to the fact that, as Netenyahu had to publicly lecture him on the matter subsequently at their meeting, returning Israel to its pre-1967 borders would make those borders indefensible today, that to do so hundred of thousands of Israelis living outside those pre-1967 borders presently would have to be uprooted from their homes and communities, that a "contiguous" Palestine comprising both the West Bank and Gaza, would necessarily split Israel in two in turn, and that the "Right of Return" would - because Israel is truly the only Democracy in the region - necessarily result in the eventual demographic annihilation of Israel by the Israeli-Arab populist vote; amongst other dire consequences!

So much for all of Obama's lofty rhetoric and protestations as "candidate Obama" repeatedly promising his unwavering support for Israel, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Millennial Ancestral capital, and his past affirmation that Jerusalem must "remain undivided"!

Candidate Obama's commitment to the continued American support of Israel that has been the hallmark of American foreign policy since President Truman, now turns out to have been nothing more than empty campaign promises and empty rhetoric on Obama's part; as he slowly drops his multiple apparent "masks" and false pretenses, even as he throws Israel under - as the latest victim of the undercarriage of his notorious "bus", and is apparently not only willing now to partition Jerusalem and urge Israel to return to its suicidally indefensible pre -1967 borders, but willing to negotiate with Hamas terrorists, to boot!

Obama's throwing of Israel "under the bus" must have surely come as a surprise that has dismayed many of his liberal Jewish American supporters, 78% of which, enamored of Obama, voted for him in the last elections, and who generously overflowed Obama's campaign coffers with donations, not realizing, in their liberal left-wing idiocy, that apparently what they've bought with all their donations and contributions that helped elect Obama, is the "best" adversary to Israel that money can buy! Certainly, Obama is proving himself to be the most anti-Israeli American president in recent history....well, not taking Jimmy Carter into consideration. Go figure!

No doubt, playing to the "Muslim Arab Street" has been a factor in all of this for Obama, especially after being forced, by the flow of history and his presently being the incidental occupant of the Oval Office, to finish what Bush started, and having had to give the Ok for sending the SEALS in to kill Bin Laden; which many of us suspect, even as syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer recently intimated on Fox News, Obama may find deeply "distasteful", along with keeping Guantanamo open, and having to keep in place most of the other Bush anti-terror policies he so vehemently campaigned against, out of exigency!

Not to mention his desire to acquiesce those "Islamist sensitivities" of his friends in the Muslim world about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and his apparent sympathies for the "Plight of Palestinians" as expressed when he said in his speech:

"For Palestinians, it has meant suffering the humiliation of occupation, and never living in a nation of their own..."
... which concern, he seems to share with his old buddies and Chicago Mentors "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" organizers Bill Ayers, and his wife Bernadine Dohrn; his former Pastor and Mentor of twenty years, Rev. Wright; and his former Collegiate colleague at Columbia University, pro-Palestinian activist and suspected terrorist enabler, Rashid Khalili.

But what is even more menacingly significant, is the way that Muslim cuddling Obama -
whose first foreign policy address as president was to the "Muslim world", who so meekly and conciliatorily spoke to Islamists at Cairo University, and who always seems to be so overly concerned about "Muslim sensitivities" in everything he does - is now so disingenuously praising and encouraging all the mayhem of the "Arab Spring" Islamic revolts in the Middle East, and cheering them on as "democratic"!

This even though it appears all the chaos will only serve to bring about Islamic Fundamentalists and the Muslim Brotherhood to power, in Egypt and elsewhere, and has, so far, only served to topple and or destabilize pro-American Arab governments, such as the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, or the unrest and precariousness facing King Abdullah in Jordan, and or the eventual inevitable collapse of the Saleh government in Yemen - which for all its faults, at least assisted us in the tracking and capturing of Al Qaeda operatives in that country. All of which are only helping to exponentially destabilize the Middle East and North Africa, making the prospects of peace and stability even more remote, and may well culminate with the emergence of a hostile Fundamentalist Islamic Caliphate in the region, which would not only be disastrous for Israel, but would become the frontline of global Jihadist aggression against America and a safe haven from which Islamist terrorists could carry out terrorist attacks with relative impunity, and that so far has only served to embolden Muslim radicals whose only concept of "Peace" is "Submission to the Islamist Yoke", and whose only "compromise" is their uncompromising hatred of Israel and their rabid determination to exterminate the Jewish People off the face of the earth..."driving them into the sea"!

And what seems utterly unbelievable, on the part of Obama, is that this man - so many of whose worshipful idiots have made such a fuss of his being Harvard Educated, regard him with undue awe as "professorial" and "infinitely erudite" in his knowledge, and believe him to be almost supernaturally endowed with "intelligence" - is either so stupid and lacking in intelligence, and or so suicidally naive in his chimerical ideology, as not to heed the lessons of history, and be able to draw a simple parallel between the unrest he's promoting in the Middle East, and the "Iranian Spring" that not only overthrew the Iranian Shah during Carter's Administration, but ensconced the present Theocratic Iranian Revolution in power - with all its attendant catastrophic consequences throughout the years, from the assault on our Embassy and the taking of American hostages, to empowering Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, to the present potential nuclear threat it now poses to the world!

Or that he, Obama, would fail to take into consideration, when he flaunts all these ideological illusions about "democratic change in the region," who it was the people of Gaza chose to elect in their first free democratic elections they ever had in their bloody history: They elected Hamas terrorists to power by populist demand! This, even though it is almost certain that Obama in his "erudition" is well aware of that old saying which goes: "Those who ignore the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it..."

That is, unless Obama is ignoring those alarming parallels and warnings of history, because he is purposely following a pro-Muslim agenda, or one that coincides with it, in trajectory, for his own Marxist ends and purposes, even though their ultimate goals are polar opposites and exclusive of each other.

It is amazing! We would not have a more "Arab Spring" revolution-supporting, Caliphate-enabling, Netenyahu-snobbing-anti-Israel, a president, had Obama been truly a "Manchurian Candidate" planted, in this case by the Muslim Brotherhood, like in the movies!

And then he has the gall to ask why Americans believe he's a "closet Muslim" and or question his true allegiances!

In sooth, some times life indeed seems stranger than fiction, and many Americans of my generation must feel like they are truly a "Stranger In A Strange Land" living in some inconceivable futuristic science-fiction "Heinleinian" nightmarish parody of America...

Posted by Althor at May 22, 2011 9:26 AM

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