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May 25, 2011

On Closets and Christians

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Peter Heck, on CNN host Don Lemon's recent "coming out of the closet" and telling everyone who would listen that he enjoys practicing homosexuality:

[...] "Why do the very people that constantly tell us that what a person does in their bedroom is no one else's business, simultaneously find it necessary to inform everyone of what they do in their bedroom?"

[...] "In the end, it's not the presence of decadence in our culture that is the issue. Free societies will always produce the occasional oddball, and embracing liberty means securing the basic rights of those who are different. But what we're experiencing is a move on the part of the oddballs not to secure their own rights, but to deny and disparage the rights of others to disagree with them and their choices. If outlawing decadence is bigoted, codifying it is even worse."

Read more here.

As Heck goes on to note, had Lemon "come out" in the media as a Bible believing, born-again follower of Jesus Christ whose faith teaches him that homosexuality is morally improper, rather than being a hero in the media and with the Hollywood crowd, he'd have been "immediately tarred and feathered for his draconian allegiance to discriminatory and prejudicial fairy tales coming from an ancient, bigoted book."

That such glaring hypocrisy indeed reflects a systemic problem of inconsistency on the left, as Heck also points out, it also speaks volumes about not only the values (rather the lack thereof in terms of our Judeo-Christian heratage)) of the left, but also of its propensity to force their perversions and agenda on the rest of us, despite their ideology being a small minority in our country.

Posted by Richard at May 25, 2011 9:52 AM

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