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May 22, 2011

Breaking: Israeli Legislator Decries In Urgent Letter To Members Of AIPAC: 'Obama Put A Gun To Israel's Head'

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Earlier this morning, in response to president Obama's recent speech on the Middle East in which he reneged on long standing American foreign policy in regards to Israel's security, and on the assurances given Israel by past Administrations, Israeli, National Union chairman and Knesset Member, Yaakov "Katz" MK, wrote to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) earlier today, complaining, that president Obama in collusion with the demands of the Palestinian Authority wishes to shrink Israel's borders to those of the pre-1967 temporary Armistice Lines of 1949.

As reported by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu today in the Israeli publication Arutz Sheva , Katz wrote:

"Don't fall for U.S. President Barack Obama's magical oratory. He put a gun to Israel's head and asked it to commit suicide..."
Katz went on to say:
" ...I urge you not to be captured by his magic tongue because he actually is asking you for your votes and your money"
He elaborated poignantly, to committee members who will be attending the AIPAC Convention, where Obama is scheduled to speak later on today:
"The People of Israel, in the Diaspora for 2,000 years, developed a sense of who loves us and who hates us. President Obama knows very well that former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban described the 1967 borders as 'Auschwitz borders.'"
He concluded the missive by stating:
"The People of Israel will not fall for the false charm of posters, slogans, cellophane wrappers of sweetened drugs of death"
This, no doubt, alluding to the deception and false promises of "being relocated" with which the Nazis often procured the unresisting cooperation of those they herded to their deaths in Concentration Camps, and to the sickly sweet acrid smell of the "Zylon B Gas" used in the Gas Chambers to exterminate them.

The ouraged Israeli legislator also noted that Israeli news polls show that an overwhelming majority of Israelis view President Obama as "hostile to Israel."

No surprise there...

On a personal observation, I opine that after Obama's blunder, his reception at AIPAC, may not be as "WARM" as that which he may receive from Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, and or other of his Islamist Muslim "buddies" in the region, to whom Obama apparently caters...

Posted by Althor at May 22, 2011 1:27 PM

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