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May 5, 2011

Left-Wing Bomb Thrower To Replace Failed "Scourge of Palin" Katie Couric As CBS Propaganda Anchor - Opinion

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media, Political News and commentaries

Just when you thought the Mainstream media could not get any more left-wing or "redder", the Media Research Center has just put out an eye-opening profile of left-wing bomb thrower Scott Pelley, who will be replacing failed "Scourge of Palin" Katie Couric as the Anchor of the CBS Evening Leftist Propaganda Hour....err, sorry, I mean... News.

The Media Research Center has just put together a very revealing analysis of Scott Pelley's past track record. From MRC's Profiles in Bias:

"On Tuesday May 3, 2011 CBS News announced longtime correspondent Scott Pelley will be taking the reins of the CBS Evening News from departing anchor Katie Couric. A review of the MRC's archives reveals Pelley will most likely continue the long tradition of liberal bias advanced by his anchor predecessors Couric, Dan Rather, and Walter Cronkite."
The MRC report went on to delineate some of Pelley's past reportage, brimming with left-wing partisanship and blatant bias:
"From celebrating the likes of liberal heroes like Hillary Clinton, saying that she is of the rare few that can match Barack Obama's 'global star power' to even offering praise of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, depicting him as a 'genuinely humble' figure with 'no fancy clothes, fancy cars' who was 'absolutely incorruptible,' Pelley's new stint as anchor promises to be one filled with biased platitudes for those on the left and harsh criticism of the right. Below are just a dozen examples of Pelley's slanted take over the years as a CBS correspondent for the Evening News and 60 Minutes."

"On the January 2, 1996 edition of CBS Evening News, Pelley perhaps overdramatized the impact of the government shutdown when he opened his story this way: 'In April, terrorists tried to kill them. Today politicians stopped their paychecks. In Oklahoma City's Social Security office, they're being ordered to work for nothing.' "

Imagine that! Those "evil" Republicans trying to achieve fiscal responsibility. They are like the "terrorists"! And, no, of course not the Muslim "Jihadist terrorists" (whom most likely Pelley sympathizes with as "Freedom Fighters") but, you know, the "Right-wing Conspiracy", "Tea Partying elderly Americans waving American flags", "Timothy McVeigh types". Obviously, that is why he brings up Oklahoma in his left-wing barrage!

Or how about Pelley's assessment of Iranian tin-pot nutcase Ahmadinejad, whom he praised as, quote "Friendly", "Incorruptible", "Modest" ? Seems the only thing that is obviously "corruptible" and overflowing with asinine left-wing ideology, is Pelley himself!

Boy, are we in for a treat...

Posted by Althor at May 5, 2011 7:15 PM

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