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May 21, 2011

Krauthammer's Take on Obama's Undermining of Israel

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Charles Krauthammer spells out how Barack Obama's Middle East speech differs from what has been said in the past regarding Israel and the Palestinians, and notes that Obama undermined Israel in three major areas:

Krauthammer on the difference between what Obama said in the 08 campaign vs. Obama's recent speech: "You have to assume he was being disingenuous"
Meanwhile, having been given the impression by Obama's speech that America has abandoned Israel ... the Muslim world smells blood, as the L.A. Times reports on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's "publicly lecturing President Obama" on the shortcomings of his plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks:
[...] Admonishing a president of the United States on international television, Netanyahu rejected the plan outlined by Obama that would use the borders in effect before the 1967 Middle East War as the starting point for negotiations, saying that doing so would risk Israel's security and force it to negotiate with "a Palestinian version of Al Qaeda."
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