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May 27, 2011

A Few Pertinent Questions For Miss Rae Abileah, the "Jewish" CODE PINK Heckler of 'Bibi' Netenyahu's Address to Congress

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When Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Benjamin Netenyahu spoke before Congress last Tuesday, one lone heckler interrupted him at the point in his speech where he was congratulating president Barack Obama for the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, adding "Good riddance"!

According to the report by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, of the Israeli publication Arutz Shevah, the lone wolf heckler was a young Jewish female CODE PINK activist, who shouted:

"Stop Israeli war crimes"
and was subsequently quickly escorted out of the Congressional Chambers.

Leave it to those Anti-war, Palestinian-loving, Jihadist-cuddling, terrorist-supporting ladies at "CODE PINK", who shout at airports vile epithets of "baby killers" at our young men and women returning from fighting overseas, right? No surprise there.

Rae Abileah.jpgBut what is really poignant, is that the CODE PINK activist in question, happens also to be a "Jewish" young lady in her 20's by the name of Rae Abileah, who you would think, given her Heritage, and all that historically the Jewish People have suffered, and been subjected to - wandering in Diaspora for two thousand years in the lands of others, that she would have if but a vestigial sympathy towards the Ancestral home of her people, and be concerned with their survival...

Makes you wonder if perhaps Miss Abileah happens also to be a member of AIPAC, and was present last Sunday at president Obama's speech, applauding , cheering, and receiving him with a standing ovation - instead of heckling him that time - for his capitulation of standing U.S. policy to Palestinian interests, and his turning his back on Israel? Who knows, perhaps it is members of AIPAC who happen to also be members of Palestinian-loving CODE PINK!

Miss Abileah, after the incident, said in a statement released by CODE PINK:

"Prime Minister Netanyahu says that the 1967 borders are indefensible. But what is really indefensible is the occupation of land, the starvation of Gaza, the jailing of dissenters and the lack of equal rights in the alleged Israeli democracy. As a Jew and an American taxpayer, I can't be silent when these crimes are being committed in my name and with my tax money."
And what begs asking of this Jewish young lady from CODE PINK , regarding her statement, is .. pray tell ... what "starvation" of Gaza is it that you are talking about?

Because last time I checked, the U.S. has aided the Palestinians with more than $3.4 billion in U.S. economic assistance via USAID projects since 1994 - more than from any other donor country! This, according to no lesser an authority on the subject than the "USAID West Bank /Gaza" website itself!

Then there is the $550 million dollars in aid that this year alone, just for 2011,the Obama Administration has earmarked to aid the P.A., according to none other than the "Congressional Research Service U.S. Foreign Aid To The Palestinians Report"! Even though, ironically, our economy is in the tank, Americans are out of work and losing their homes, we are bankrupt, and the money could obviously be better spent here at home, than providing the Palestinians with "fireworks" money with which to buy and build those thousands of Kazam rockets they have uninterruptedly been raining on Israeli civilians!

Or how about the 762 million Euros in aid the E.U. has provided the Palestinians since 2008, with another 276 million Euros being contributed by member E.U. States? Which, as in the case of America, you would think they would take care of their own first - struggling Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc. - instead of wasting so much money in supporting a bunch of Palestinian terrorists!

This, not to mention the untold millions of dollars being funneled through Syria from Iran to Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, such as Mr. Gary Gambill, editor of the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin, summarized:

"Since the mid-1990's Damascus has been the operational headquarters of the Hamas military wing and a nexus for the transfer of external funds to Hamas operatives in [Gaza]."
Or the tons of food, medicine, and humanitarian aid and supplies which Israel itself has provided to the inhabitants of Gaza, in spite of the continued rocket attacks and continued hostilities on the part of Hamas?

So, if the Palestinians are "starving" as you say, Miss Abileah, it is because of corruption and the mismanagement, by the Palestinian "leeches" in power, of the funds so generously provided them by the world community and the U.S., and or because they spend the money on weaponry, explosives, and Kazam rockets, instead of buying "FOOD" with it, and prefer to feed their "starving" suicide-bombing children "bullets" rather than a piece of bread in their inveterate hatred of Israel!

Maybe the widow of Yasser Arafat, with the alleged $20 million dollars she receives from the Palestinian Authority annually, could help-out her Palestinian compatriots with some "falafel"? But then, she might not be able to afford in Paris is so "expensive", you know.

The land you claim Israel "occupies" is the one that the Israelis liberated from Arab hands with their "tears, sweat, and blood" - and their unwavering courage! After having being viciously attacked on all flanks by their enemies, in the Arab Invasion of theWar of Independence, during the Six-Day War, and the Yom Kippur war!

And yet, after having conquered the Sinai peninsula twice - once in 1956 during the Gulf of Aqba Suez Canal incident, and then when they again re-conquered it after the Six-Day war - Israel has returned it back to Egypt TWICE. So much for "occupiers"! Not to mention that the borders of Israel, were set by the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, thousands of years ago...But then, you would know about that, wouldn't you, Miss Abileah, since you are "Jewish"!

But what I would most like to ask you, Miss Abileah, is what kind of "equal rights" the Palestinians you so vehemently defend afford their women, and how with your cocky attitude, would you fare under "Palestinian rule" and "Sharia"? Would you be able to "heckle" Hamas at one of their meetings, as you did Prime Minister Netenyahu? Or more likely wouldn't you be forced to marry a husband not of your choosing, who would then whip you in public for your "rebelliousness", "defiance", and "impudence", and then don you with a "hijab" or wrap you in a "burqa" like an ill-wrapped Palestinian burrito, in "Submission"? Would you please enlighten us with your answer?

Perhaps indeed, what Miss Abileah, and her "indomitable" fellow female CODE PINK activists deserve is precisely that: To live under the barbarous Muslim yoke of the Palestinians, and see on whose side they would then be on...

As to her "alleged Israeli democracy" slight, none other than "Bibi" Netenyahu said it best himself , when after she interrupted him with her heckling, he dismissed the incident by laughing it off, remarking that he has faced much worse taunts in Israel's contentious Knesset, and praising the United States for being a "real democracy," unlike the "farcical" regimes of Iran and "elsewhere"... like the Palestinian Authority?

In summation, what is really "indefensible" is Miss Abileah's twisted ideology and liberal-driven asinine assertions in the face of the stark "reality" Israel faces, and of the facts; and that for all of her protestations as to being a "Jewess", she so readily is willing to turn her back on her People, and betray Israel to their "Philistine" enemies...

Posted by Althor at May 27, 2011 12:23 PM

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