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May 12, 2011

Arabic op-ed: 'We Muslims have an inferiority complex and are terribly sensitive to the world'

Topics: Understanding Islam

First of all ... no, this isn't from the Onion.

Raymond Ibrahim translates an actual article that elucidates what Robert Spencer describes as a widespread phenomenon. "The Muslim World's Inferiority Complex," by Khaled Montaser in Hudson NY:

A translation, abridged and introduced by Raymond Ibrahim.
What if an entire civilization developed an inferiority complex? What ramifications would that have on the rest of the world? How would such paranoia play itself out in the interaction of civilizations?

An Arabic op-ed titled "The Broder Dilemma and Inferiority Complex," written by Muslim intellectual Khaled Montaser late last year portrays the Muslim world as suffering from just such an inferiority complex. Because it is immensely frank and exposes an important phenomenon, I have translated it below.


We Muslims have an inferiority complex and are terribly sensitive to the world, feeling that our Islamic religion needs constant, practically daily, confirmation by way of Europeans and Americans converting to Islam. What rapturous joy takes us when a European or American announces [their conversion to] Islam -- proof that we are in a constant state of fear, alarm, and chronic anticipation for Western validation or American confirmation that our religion is "okay." We are hostages of this anticipation, as if our victory hinges on it -- forgetting that true victory is for us to create or to accomplish something, such as those [civilizations] that these converts to our faith abandon.

And we pound our drums and blow our horns [in triumph] and drag the convert to our backwardness, so that he may stand with us at the back of the world's line of laziness, [in the Muslim world] wherein no new scientific inventions have appeared in the last 500 years. Sometimes those who convert relocate to our countries -- only to get on a small boat and escape on the high seas back to their own countries.

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Posted by Hyscience at May 12, 2011 8:02 AM

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