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May 21, 2011

A damned good point

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Over at RedState, LaborUnionReport makes a damned good point that's so logical one would think that those who are against 'voter ID' would be embarrassed by their counter arguments:

Somehow, it's okay to have to show ID to the clerk at 7-11 for cigarettes and chewing tobacco, or at the liquor store and college bar to buy any form of alcohol.

Heck, you even have to show ID to a cop if you get pulled over.

Despite all of this, though, as Wisconsin passes a new law to require IDs in order to vote it's racism according to the SEIU:

"This anti-democratic bill is an attempt to silence minority voters in Wisconsin- women, people of color, students, seniors, people with disabilities, the economically disenfranchised and immigrants," said SEIU Wisconsin State Council President Mike Thomas."It is unconstitutional and irresponsible to limit the voting rights of our citizens. SEIU will work with our community allies to educate citizens of their voting rights and get them the resources they need to register to vote under this new, extreme law."
God forbid, citizens who are responsible enough to vote should be responsible enough to get ID.
Spot-on target.

As for the SEIU's statement, puh-leeze; pray tell, how is requiring people to show proper ID an "Extreme law"? The only thing 'extreme' going on here is the 'extreme' extent to which people like SEIU's Thomas defy all logic, reason, and common sense. The ONLY logical reason to argue against voter ID is to come right out and say the truth - voter ID keeps people from voting that cannot legally do so, which prevents what liberals want to accomplish. It's called 'voter fraud', plain and simple.

Posted by Abdul at May 21, 2011 8:18 AM

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