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April 3, 2011

Violence Over Qur'an-burning Continues While Senators Reid and Graham ... Think the Solution is Censoring Free Speech?

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As Demonstrators battle police ... with one officer shot dead in Qur'an-burning protests in southern Afghanistan (following the violent protest at a United Nations compound in Afghanistan just 2 days ago that left at least 11 dead with 2 beheaded) ...

... South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham apparently thinks the answer is censoring free speech in the U.S., saying on Face The Nation today that the reaction to the Koran burning in Florida suggests that Congress should look into limiting some forms of speech (video) - essentially saying he wants to restrict it if it offends Muslim sensitivities. He was responding to what Harry Reid said earlier in the program ... that Congress may "look into" the Koran burning.

As Doug Mataconis says to Senator Graham and Reid, censoring free speech is not the answer:

No, you don't need to hold hearings and you don't need to be looking into ways to limit the free speech rights of American citizens because of the insane reaction of people thousands of miles away who were obviously ginned up by demagogues. War or not, Terry Jones had every right to do what he did.

Last time I checked the First Amendment I couldn't find an exemption for political correctness and appeasing Muslims, anywhere. Free speech means allowing free speech, period - even things some people don't like to hear. If left-wing loons can burn American flags, a somewhat loony pastor in Florida (or anyone else) can damn well burn an effing Qur'an. And by the way, I don't hear the good senators wanting to shut down Muslims free speech here in America, even when Muslim in Pakistan (and elsewhere) burn bibles and destroy crosses.

Posted by Richard at April 3, 2011 7:31 PM

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