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April 12, 2011

Two Low-life Losers Rob Children's Lemonade Stand

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You've got to be a genuine low-life to stoop so low as to rob a children's lemonade stand ... and even more so if you're an adult and the children's lemonade stand is raising money for a 2 year-old that is developmentally disabled and has a rare intestinal disorder.

Meet the two low-life losers that stole a disabled child's money: 20-year-old Gage Allen Turner and 21-year-old Amber Umbarger, both of Warner Robins.



WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- Thirteen-year-old Chelsea Edwards says last weekend was the first time she ever tried her hand at a money-making venture.

The seventh-grader at Feagin Mill Middle School says it wasn't too long though before a couple showed up and soured her first business experience.

"The man bent down and seen the money jar, and he grabbed it," Edwards says, recalling what happened Saturday.

Edwards says a man and woman had approached the stand she was running with her two friends. She says they started asking questions about the price of lemonade.

That's when Edwards says the man reached down and snatched the jar of money she held between her legs.

[...] Edwards says the pair made off with $130, but what's worse, she says the money wasn't for her.

"I was going to raise money from Logan Varnadoe, my cousin," she says.

Logan is 2-years-old, developmentally disabled, and has a rare intestinal disorder.

His mother, April Varnadoe, says her son will be sent to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital this week for treatment.

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April Varnadoe is raising money to take Logan to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital this weekend for treatment. Donations can be made through this site.

Posted by Richard at April 12, 2011 11:21 AM

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