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April 22, 2011

The Palestinian Wall of Lies Vs Facts and the Truth

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A must-see shocking short film by the David Horowitz Freedom Center that uncovers the lies of "Israel Apartheid Week":

From Palestinian Wall of Lies:

Every year, campus hate groups such as the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine join a festival of lies called "Israel Apartheid Week" whose theme is that Israel is an apartheid state (false - Israel is the most tolerant and diverse state in the Middle East) and that its security fence is an "apartheid wall" (false - the wall is a fence put up to keep suicide bombers out and has reduced Palestinian terrorist attacks against Jews by over 90%). These hate weeks are designed to de-legitimize Israel and soften it up for the kill. The declared goal of Hamas and the PLO is to "liberate" Palestine "from the river to the sea" - in other words to destroy the Jewish state and push its inhabitants into the sea. The growing BDS movement on campus (BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, which are the steps the movement advocates taking against Israel for its purported policies of "apartheid") is another element in the jihadist assault.

Until now, there has been no national campaign to counter this sinister agenda which has been financed by student governments and supported by academic departments. (At UC San Diego last year, one of the sponsors of the hate week was the Thurgood Marshall College, named after the famous civil rights leader, thus insulting both Jews and African Americans.) But this year, the David Horowitz Freedom Center is sponsoring counter-protests on more than 50 college campuses, as part of its Islamo-Fascism Awareness Campaign. Taking inspiration from Jumanah Albahri's admission of a genocidal agenda in her confrontation with David Horowitz at UCSD, the focus of this spring's campaign will be Islamic extremists' genocidal intentions and their campaign of lies during the genocidal Anti-Israel Apartheid Week. As the centerpiece of this counter-protest, student groups will confront the "apartheid walls" with walls composed of the lies Palestinians have aimed at Israel with the intention of destroying the Jewish state.

Hat tip - The Minority Report

Posted by Richard at April 22, 2011 1:24 PM

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