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April 20, 2011

Report: Obama dismisses terror concerns, gives Libyan rebels $25 million

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Eli Lake writes at The Washington Times:

Dismissing concerns over possible links between Libyan rebels and al Qaeda, the Obama administration has notified Congress it is providing $25 million in nonlethal aid to the rebels' effort to drive Col. Moammar Gadhafi's regime from power.

"The president's proposed actions would provide urgently needed nonlethal assistance to support efforts to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack in Libya," said Joseph E. Macmanus, acting assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, in an April 15 letter. A copy of the letter, sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was obtained by The Washington Times.

I see no problem here; after all, we know so much about the rebels, and besides, we have so much money and so little debt we can afford it, right?

Meanwhile, the British are joining the ground fight in Libya, the Italians are sending in military instructors, and the French are stepping up airstrikes there. Am I they only one that gets the feeling that this just might not be headed in the right direction?

I can't help but recall how the Obama administration told us that the Egyptian Democracy Movement had nothing to do with the Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood was "basically a secular organization" ... ergo nothing to be concerned about; yet that's not workin' out so well.

And yet we haven't even gotten to the not-so-little matter of a beheading, a few summary executions, a lynching, torturous interrogations, gross violations of the Geneva Conventions - directed at black African captives, with many performed before crowds yelling, "Allahu Akbar!" ... which are just some of the escapades of the Libyan mujahideen - those lovable "rebels" struggling for democracy in the Arab Spring (to which Barack Obama is handing over 25 million U.S. taxpayer dollars).


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Posted by Richard at April 20, 2011 2:34 PM

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