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April 24, 2011

Palestinians help Christians celebrate Easter ... by setting Joseph's Tomb on fire

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Alright, so the Palestinians didn't actually give a crap about Easter, they just wanted to do ... what Palestinians do best ... commit violence against anyone that's not Muslim, and sometimes even against fellow Muslims if they aren't as radical as they are..


Unrest rattled the West Bank city of Nablus Sunday following the shooting of Breslov Hassidim visiting the Palestinian-controlled Joseph's Tomb in the city.

Twenty-four year old Ben-Yosef Livnat, a father of four from Jerusalem - and Minister Limor Livnat's nephew - was killed, and five others were wounded.

Palestinian sources reported local Palestinian youths gathered around the Tomb's compound shortly after the incident and set it on fire.

A group of Palestinian youngsters rolled burning tires into the Tomb's plaza, which was renovated only a few months ago.

A Palestinian source said black smoke towered over the gravesite, adding the sight was "reminiscent of the days of the Second Indifada."

Related: Murder at Tomb Illustrates the Future of Jewish Holy Sites in a Palestinian State (Today's attack on Jewish worshipers at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus needs to be understood as something more significant than just another unfortunate instance of violence between Jews and Arabs. It is nothing less than a warning of what will happen once Palestinians achieve full sovereignty, as the Obama administration appears to be demanding, over all of the West Bank.)

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Posted by Richard at April 24, 2011 12:23 PM

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