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April 20, 2011

On The Banning Of Traditional Children's Games And The Ongoing Societal Emasculation Of Our Children - An Opinion.

Topics: Culture and Society, Gay Agenda

After witnessing the lunacy of the recent debacle in New York, where that state's Health Department tried to ban such traditional children's games as wiffle ball, kickball, dodgeball, freeze tag, tag of war, sack racing, and even frisbees (bet you Wham-O must be upset about that one. LOL!), as posing, quote: " a significant risk of injury to youngsters attending day camps", one of the readers of our recent Hyscience thread commented:

"I grew up in the Bronx of the '50s and '60s. Every now and then the local constabulary would go on a stickball ball bat collection crusade, probably because their idiot kids had broken all of their own. Our response was somewhere between "Catch me if you can" and "Pry it from my cold dead hands". It can takes years for a stickballer to find that perfect combination of length, diameter, and weight and then convince somebody's mother that you 'don't know nuthin' about what happened to her favorite cleaning utensil."
That is some great reminiscing, and it sure brings back fond memories. You may well say it is true "Americana" at its best.

You know, cogitating upon this reader's youthful experiences and appropriate observations, and having had similar experiences myself, having done some of my growing up - in my youth - in the Boroughs, I feel compelled to chime in with my two cents worth about all the political correct nonsense that is presently being forced upon our children - in our public schools, by our public officials, through our Pop Culture, through our entertainment industry and our media - which is emasculating many of our boys and turning them into insecure neurotics, with sexual identity crises, and the inability to act decisively - in a "manly manner" - in many situations! Talk about "being in touch with your feminine side" indeed! It is a crying shame the way we are bringing up our kids today, poisoned by all the political correctness, and all the gay "touchy feely" "New Age Social Consciousness" bullcrap with which they are being relentlessly bombarded everywhere!

Growing up is not supposed to be easy. Growing up is how you learn cunning, perseverance, social skills, and how to survive in the real world - away from mommy cuddling and protecting you all the time, and hand feeding your cute chubby face.

Sure, growing up in the Bronx or the Boroughs you got a bloody nose in a fight now and then, or scraped your knees or elbows playing rough - it was part of coming of age and growing up, but at least you grew up to be a man, ready to face the challenges of life, sure of your masculinity and sexual orientation (Oh, that Sophia Loren with the dripping wet shirt cinched to her body in that "Boy On a Dolphin" movie...Ah!), and with no expectations of a "Free Lunch" or a handout.

Nowadays our kids are not allowed to even play children's games because some neurotic left wing geek in our Health Department sees them as "too brutish" (no doubt to his feminine sensitivities) and potentially dangerous?

Our boys can't play "Cowboys and Indians" any more because it is considered "racist" and "insensitive to Native Americans".

Our little girls can't play "House" any more, because that would be imposing upon them "sexist roles."

Now, if an eight-year-old plays dodgeball he becomes a "public menace"??? Gimme' a break!

Ah, but passing out mail-order condoms to eight-year-olds, and or encouraging twelve-year-old girls to go get an abortion at Planned Parenthood without their parent's knowledge or consent, in our public schools? That is not only perfectly fine for these people, but they see it as " supportive" and "nurturing" of our children! Unbelievable!

I suppose in the twisted perceptions of nowadays, what would be deemed "acceptable" is for two male children to dress up as cowboys, and pucker each other in the mouth - in touch with their feminine side and playing "Broke-ass Mountain", no doubt... of course. It would be laughable if it wasn't so appallingly pathetic!

But, oh yes! Our children in public schools are encouraged to cherish and embrace "Alternate Lifestyles" and deviant "gay" behavior (if nature had intended that being gay is normal, then sexual reproduction would not have evolved as an instrument of the "Darwinian Natural Selection" many of these same amoral liberal progressives like to invoke in their prejudice against religion, but we would all be females and reproduce by splitting in two - like amoebas!).

In order to advance this unnatural radical gay agenda our government has embraced, our little girls are taught to be "in-your-face" assertive tomboyish Amazons, and "Home Economics" is no longer taught in our schools as sexist and inappropriate (with the end result of many of today's young women not having the smallest clue about how to run a household, or even fry an egg!). While the natural aggression and assertiveness of our male children - as expressed in common playground games - is not only frowned upon by these public school teachers, educators, and bureaucrats, but they try to suppress it with asinine rules and regulations (such as the one the New York State Health Department recently tried to enact), all the while indoctrinating them to "get in touch with their feminine side", teaching them to be "passive" and "metrosexual" - in conflict with the instincts, and natural hormonal tendencies, of normal, growing, boys!

The identity crisis we have fashioned for our children with all this politically correct nonsense and role reversals is simply appalling...And all of it, just to politically satisfy the vocal gay deviants and activists amongst us, that not happy with being allowed to openly practice their abnormal sexuality in our society, want to impose their aberrant lifestyles upon us all, and shove it down our collective throats - no pun intended.

Our sexual identity crisis as a people has gotten so messed up by all this nonsense, that nowadays Hollywood has to go scout for rowdy Australian male actors from the Outback, to play the part of "Super Heroes" in our movies, since apparently our American male actors are too "effeminate" and "touchy-feely", too "metrosexual", to play credible parts as testosterone exuding Super Heroes. LOL! Can you believe it?

James Caan, Kirk Douglas, or some of our other legendary Hollywood actors and Leading Men of the past - who grew up in Brooklyn, the Bronx, or any of the Boroughs - surely must be shaking their heads in disgust!

Frank Sinatra - who grew up in Hoboken, on the Jersey shore, and dealt with tough guys all his life - must be turning in his grave...

Posted by Althor at April 20, 2011 5:20 PM

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