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April 5, 2011

If only there were more Muslims like Amran Hussain

Topics: Israel, Understanding Islam

Via Rick at Wizbang, this is indeed worthy of being passed around. Amran Hussain, a Muslim, spoke at the UN on behalf of the European Union of Jewish Students and defended Israel, surely risking his life at the hands of those in the Muslim world that will no doubt, as Seraphic Secret notes, denounce him as a heretic and agent of the Mossad:

Take note, in just under five minutes, Mr. Hussain unleashes a barrage of self-evident truths that were deliberately ignored and distorted by Mr. Goldstone in the seven-hundred page blood libel that bears his name and which he now (sorta) recants.

Seraphic Secret goes on to add:

Here at Seraphic Secret we're always hearing about the vast ocean of moderate Muslims who oppose the, er, minority of radical Islamists.

For the most part, we dismiss this view because as history tell us--over and over again--a silent and ethically pliable majority easily slip into the role of enthusiastic genocidaires.

Thus, when a true moderate Muslim steps forward and speaks unspeakable truths in defense of Israel and the Jewish people we praise such rare and courageous behavior.

Posted by Richard at April 5, 2011 6:35 AM

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