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April 14, 2011

Energy Fact of the Week (Don't believe all the hype about renewables)

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From all the hype from Barack Obama and the media and in the fancy color ads from wind energy advocates' subsidy hogs, one could easily be led to think wind energy and other renewables are the largest growth sector in electricity production. Meanwhile, we haven't built a single new nuclear power plant in almost 30 years. So guess where we've had more growth in new electricity production since 1990? Steven Hayward answers that question in his latest "Energy Fact of the Week":

Even with the heavy emphasis on renewable energy over the last 30 years, today the United States still generates 83 percent of its total energy from fossil fuels, and only 8 percent from renewables, a figure that includes hydroelectric power. Non-hydro renewables (wind, solar, and biomass) only account for 3 percent of total electric power generation in the U.S., despite billions in subsidies and years of policy encouragement. Moreover, since 1990, nuclear power has increased its energy output more than twice as much as total output from renewables, without adding a single new facility ...
Read more (see chart).

Posted by Richard at April 14, 2011 10:11 AM

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