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April 2, 2011

Boston Herald on 'Obama's energy hoax'

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The Boston Herald on Obams's "energy hoax": There must be something in the White House drinking water:

[...] The emphasis was on a vast expansion of "clean energy." The familiar pipe dreams were unfurled again: Biofuels. Further increases in fuel economy requirements. Electric cars. Flexible-fuel vehicles. High-speed rail. Public transit.

Sure all nifty ideas, their regulatory quirks notwithstanding. And all are costly, many to the point of wiping out any possible benefits. If the president sought increased oil production to hold down prices, he'd do a lot more good.

Here and there a project might be worthwhile. Encouraging use of abundant natural gas as a fuel (for truck fleets, say) with modest subsidies could produce far greater benefits than the current $7,500 subsidy for electric cars.

As the Herald goes on to aptly point out, if the president were serious about increasing domestic production, he would urge exploration of promising no-drill areas like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and the Atlantic and Pacific continental shelves. And as you've likely already guessed ... fat chance of that happening.

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Posted by Richard at April 2, 2011 12:58 PM

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