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April 25, 2011

$5.69 A Gallon in Orlando

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If this isn't a wake-up call demanding a change in the White House's energy policies, what would you call it?


From the MFJTribune:

Gasoline prices are killing the pockets of Americans as the rise continues with no sign of letting up. In Orlando, Florida today it showed prices of a startling $5.69 a gallon!

It was at that Suncoast Energys stations near the Orlando International Airport that the high price was seen and left customers reeling in disbelief. The price is considered the highest in the U.S., according to the website which monitors the prices of gasoline nationwide.

Orlando is a major tourism spot with Disney World nearby and numerous other theme parks, restaurants, shopping, golfing and sports events, and entertainment.

It runs 24/7 with flights in and out as well as rail service. With gasoline prices reaching a peak that high its a signal that other stations across the nation might follow and thats when all heck is expected to break loose.

I'm not sure where the $5.69 a gallon price comes from ... the pump price average in the image is $5.17. Nonetheless, even that's a real shocker at this point, although for now it's clearly an anomaly. On the other hand, is Orlando a harbinger of what's to come for all of us? I think we can all correctly guess the answer to that, already.

Posted by Richard at April 25, 2011 10:42 AM

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