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March 2, 2011

Two US Soldiers Shot Dead At Frankfurt Airport (Updated - killer is a Muslim)

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Breaking from Sky News:

Two other people are said to have been injured in the incident and police have reportedly arrested a 21-year-old suspect from Kosovo.

Shots were fired on a bus carring US soldiers, police have confirmed.
It happened in front of terminal 2 of the airport, which is continental Europe's second-biggest, a spokesman at the airport said.

More to follow...

Let's see here; we have "a 21-year-old suspect from Kosovo" arrested for the killing of American soldiers. Kosovo is 90% Muslim. Nawww, must be another angry Baptist.

Update 1: The shooter has been identified as Arif Uka, a name that shows him to be a Kosovar Muslim from the northern town of Mitrovica. The shooter is also reported to have shouted Islamist slogans during the attack.

Update 2: Fox News is reporting that the gunman yelled "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.

Robert Spencer points out that the New York Times reporting of the attack, it never identifies Uka as a Muslim, much less an Islamic jihadist, and translates his shout to "God is great," thus further obscuring the jihadist nature of this attack.

Pamela Geller has additional details and images.

Update 3: Pundit Press believes that it has found Arif Uka's Facebook page, though it is unclear if this man is Uka.

Posted by Richard at March 2, 2011 11:31 AM

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