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March 2011

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March 31, 2011

Former President Jimmy Carter Bashes U.S. In Meeting With Communists
(Video) Bill Whittle: Michael Moore's Right: We Can Balance the Budget By Taking Money From The Rich!
Federal Auditor: Border Patrol Can Stop Illegal Entries Along Only 129 Miles of 1,954-Mile Mexican Border
Low levels of radioactive Iodine-131 found in West Coast milk
Bangladesh: 14 year-old girl charged with adultery lashed to death
The Largest Contributor to November Congressional Races Was ... (Guess)
Good News: WH Puts CIA on Rush Orders to Vet Libyan Rebels
Obama Accepts Transparency Award in Closed Non-Transparent Press Ceremony
On Obama's Fumbling In Libya: Qaddafi Stays, We Lose. We Arm The Rebels And They Win, Most Likely We Lose!
Re: Obama's 'No Boots on the Ground'
Report Details AARP's Financial Gain From Health Care Law
Interesting (and Entertaining) Observations on Obama's 'Good War'
Hillary To Congress: Obama Would Ignore Your War Resolutions

March 30, 2011

Video: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) On Senate Floor: Dem Leaders Think Cutting $61 Billion Out Of $3.7 Trillion Is "Extreme"?
Music Video: Union Man -- Come On And Give Me MOOOORE!
Rand Paul Defines 'Extreme' For Shchumer And His Fellow Democrats
Video: Andrew Klavan Obama Talking Crap
Quinnipiac University poll: Obama's approval hits new low
Hillary Wants to Arm Libyan Rebels
Obama To Blame High Gas Prices On US Oil Companies
Radicalization Lessons: A Quick Study of Contrasts - Dem vs. GOP
Obama and his Democrats' Economic Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs: Increased Federal Spending, Deficits, and Debt

March 29, 2011

Chuck Schumer Caught Giving Marching Orders to Colleagues: "Portray Speaker Boehner as Being Boxed-in by 'Extremist' Tea Party"
Toon: Taxpayer's K-12 Dollars Diverted to Union Business
Does Obama Even Care Who the Libyan Rebels Really Are?
Wafa Sultan Educates O'Reilly On Rape in Islam
New Georgia Cities Are 'Too White'?
Transparency Update: FOIA Requests Continue To Go Unanswered By Obama Administration
NBC's Reporter in Libya: Gaddafi Likely 'Feeling A Lot Better' After Obama's Speech

March 28, 2011

Video: Black Educator Confronts Bill Ayers On Lying About Charter Schools
Donald Trump Releases His Birth Certificate
Telegraph: EU to ban cars from cities by 2050
Ayers is joking (Updated)
Americans deserve to learn more about 'Operation Fast and Furious'
(Video) Stanley Kurtz: Barack Obama is a socialist
Wisconsin Library Director Censors Showing of Pro-Life Film in 'Public Meeting Room'
Yet another reason to defund the IRS
DHS, FBI, key pols attend Muslim victimhood luncheon in New Jersey
The latest thugish ruling from Obama's union-controlled National Labor Relations Board
Re: 'Charlie Foxtrot Over Libya'

March 27, 2011

Re: 'Defense Secretary: No National Interests In Libya. Hillary Clinton: Yeah, But Libya Is The Same As 9/11'
What Needs To Be Said About What Needs To Be Done

March 26, 2011

(Satire) Obama Justifies Bypassing Congress on Libyan Attack
Must-see Video: Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah Accusing Her of Immoral Behavior on an Indian Reality TV Show
Our 'Constitutional lawyer-in-Chief' back in 2007: 'The American People and Not Just Washington Insiders Have a Right to Know' Before Government Takes Military Action'
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): Pro-Lifers Don't Deserve Freedom

March 25, 2011

(Video) Obama war vs. Bush war: Obama is Cool and Awesome - Bush is an Idiot
Sometimes you gotta laugh (or cry): Canada Takes Charge of American-Fought War As Canadian Government Falls
The Telegraph: Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
A Barack Obama, Samantha Power, Cass Sustein, George Soros, and Libya connection to ... Israel?
Obama 'transparency'?
Obama's favorite CEO gets GE out from paying any US taxes - despite having $5.1 billion in U.S. profits.
So, where's the anti-war movement since Obama came to power?
Re: ACLU: Communism is the goal
Stanley Kurtz: Obama Hiding True Motives for War From American People
Death Panels Using Extortian To Force People Into Obamacare?
Obama, taxpayers, and the coming GM failure
NYT: Muslim Brotherhood takes leading role in post-Mubarak Egypt (Updated)
Obama's Libya: Completing His Remaking of America

March 24, 2011

Please tell me Obama isn't this freakin' stupid
Re: Top 5 ways humans caused the Japan earthquake
Military being indoctrinated on gays kissing and gay behavior
On Barack Obama and Eric Holders Department of Racial Injustice and Discrimination
Re: Video: How To Debate ObamaCare
Surely, Reuters must be kidding
Robert Spencer on Durbin's hearings on the non-existent rise in 'anti-Muslim bigotry'
One of the things Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao have in common (other than a blend of communist and socialist ideology)

March 23, 2011

Chief of Naval Operations: We have no clue what the next stage is in Libya
Weird LGBT story of the day
Re: Bus Bombing and the Palestinian Offensive
David Horowitz on Why He's Not a Neo-Conservative
White House Logs Indicate Former Union Official Encouraging Economic Terrorism Has Visited Obama White House Four Times In Past Two Years
CNN: Obamacare's Hidden Costs - $363 billion (But That Barely Scratches the Surface of the Real Cost)
Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79
Good Point on Islam and Democracy ... shaky conclusion
Re: Obama's Tomahawk Chop
A Working Theory on Obama in Libya that fits like a glove

March 22, 2011

Obama Disconnects From Reality - Smears Bush in Chile
Just how screwed is the U.S. fiscal situation?
Obama Not the Only One Without a Plan in Libya
Union power: Out of 1.2 Million Federal Employees, Only 737 Denied Raises for Poor Performance
Video: SEIU Members Act Like Animals - Storm Bank, Demanding CEO
Shocking Union Plan Revealed on Tape: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America
(Video) Liberty and Economics: The Ludwig von Mises Legacy
Obama's Latest Mission du Jour in Libya: 'Installing a democratic system'
Texas Federal Reserve Chair: The United States is on a fiscal path towards insolvency and policymakers are at a 'tipping point'
Shocker: France proposes new 'political steering committee' should oversee no-fly zone over Libya
Obama Administration 'Wishfully' Courting Hezbollah - Again
Support of Libya's rebels likely to backfire - usher in Islamist rule
The Arab hypocrisy on Libya
President Obama Explains Libya Mission to Congress ... In A Letter
Telegraph reports U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle found in field in Libya (Updated)

March 21, 2011

Obama to Brazil: Drill baby drill ... and we'll buy your oil! (Updated)
Religion of peace update
Obama has decided to punt on Social Security reform
Candidate Obama vs. President Obama's War on Libya (Updated)
Claim: Gaddafi's son killed by 'Kamikaze'
On the 'comic-opera presidency of Barack Hussein Obama II'
Experts: Muslim Students' Associaton a 'Terrorist Factory'
Story of the day: One very big vagina
Taxpayer dollars to NPR was bad enough ... but now it's the BBC?
38% of American citizens fail citizenship test
Re: Democrats Celebrate One-Year Anniversary of ObamaCare by Lying About It

March 20, 2011

California City Lays Off Half It's Workers Because Of Pension Costs
More evidence we're opening the door for Islamists to take power in Libya
Re: Tweeting Jihad at McGill University: 'I want to shoot everyone in this room' 'I should have brought an M16'
A New Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico? (100 mile sheen reported)
Re: UK columnist investigated for referring to jihad murderers of Jewish family as "savages"
Islam on campus in America: Muslim Students Association Recites Pledge of Allegiance to ... Islam and jihad

March 19, 2011

Re: Professor Obama Explains Lessons To Be Learned From Latin America Trip
Rebels Yell 'Allahu Akbar' As Libyan War Plane Shot Down over Benghazi (Updated)
Are We On Our Way To Gettysburg?

March 18, 2011

Daily Mail: Elderly patients left to die in hospital six miles from Japan's stricken nuclear power plant
CBO: Obama Budget Underestimates Deficits By Just a Little ...
Has Sharia law now replaced U.S. civil law down in Tampa?
So, Why are Huffington Post, The New York Times and Harper's so Anti-Union?
Wisconsin Judge Halts Implementation of Governor Scott Walker's Law Limiting Collective Bargaining For Public Sector Unions
White House Applauds Hamas-associated CAIR
Obama's Budget Nominee Fails Miserably in Defending His Budget
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: 'Democracy and political Islam can't coexist'

March 17, 2011

IDF and Itamar settlers save Arab baby
Video: Awesome Irish Dancing including members of Riverdance and school children in spectacular Central Station Sydney
Government-Union Reform Spreading Beyond Wisconsin
President Barack Hamlet
Obama, All Talk No Walk on debt reduction
Amateur hour for Dems in Congress: Democrats wondering who's in charge
Hillary Fed Up With Obama?
Turkey refused Israeli request to intercept ship carrying Iranian arms to Hamas in Gaza
'The Hill' as 'The Onion': Obama Proclaims Mission Accomplished
Re: British Public Schools to Push Homosexual Curriculum

March 16, 2011

Rasmussen: Just 22% Say Country Headed in Right Direction
TWS: Mandatory Spending to Exceed all Federal Revenues - 50 Years Ahead of Schedule
Food Prices Make Biggest Jump Since 1974
Please Say It Ain't So
Re: 'Are Children 'Infected' by Judeo-Christian Values?'
Not Knowing Whether To Laugh Or Cry
U.S. Taxpayers Paying Millions For Mexican La Raza Group To Promote Leftist, Open-borders Agenda
Video: Obama's Illegal De Facto Gulf Drilling Moratorium Explained

March 15, 2011

$700 trillion
Harry Reid Blames "Tea Party Extremists" for Budget Standoff
A Banana perspective on radiation
One Man's Homicide Bomber is Another Muslim's Mother (or Wife)
Picture of the Day: Obama Hard at Work
Reuters: Israel seizes ship carrying Iranian weapons to Gaza
Rasmussen: Obama Approval Index at -22
[Insert Middle Eastern state here] Needs a Culture of Tolerance
Must-watch Video: Michael Coren on Peter King's Hearings
Mark Steyn on the Fogel Family Massacre
Far Left Loons Teach Kids to Chant Against Scott Walker (Video)

March 14, 2011

Gallop: High Support for Offshore, ANWR Drilling
Re: Mathematical Fact: You Can't Tax The Rich Enough To Pay Down the Deficit
Neal Boortz to America's hot-to-protest college students
Re: Wisconsin's useful idiots

March 13, 2011

Why one shouldn't be worried about Japan's nuclear reactors
Re: Israel Demands CNN Apology Over Attack Coverage ... BBC Prostrates Itself For Muslim Murderers
Report: There is no Islamophobia in America - Period!

March 12, 2011

AG Holder's DOJ strong-arms Dayton Police Department into lowering passing scores for Blacks on Police Exam
Palestinians Brutally Slaughter Israeli Family in West Bank (Updated)
Bill Maher Tells Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mn) - Koran Is 'A Hate-filled Book' and Muslim Extremists Are America's Greatest Threat (Updated)
Chechnyan Muslims attack women with paintball guns for "immodest" dress
Daniel Hannan: "A European's Warning to America"
Ronald Reagan Wasn't Afraid to Call Democrats Socialists
We Have "Enough Oil to 'Completely Replace' all Imports"
Re: Sarkozy sacks Muslim "diversity minister" who called on Muslims to quit ruling party over upcoming hearings on Islam
What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

March 11, 2011

Must-See AFP Video: Why You're Paying More For Health Insurance
Re: Virtually Everything Obama Just Said About Oil and Gas Production in the US is a Lie, Except for His Insight That 'Gas Prices Are Important'
de Rugy Separates Economic Myth From Economic Reality of State Pensions
NewsBusters: NPR Board Member Admits It Serves 'Liberal, Highly Educated Elite,' Wonders How to Justify Public Funding in Light of This
Unions Threaten Wisconsin Businesses
Pelosi as Faith Healer
Stunning video of Japan Tsunami
Governor Scott Walker Signs Union-Regulating Bill
Google shilling for Al-Jazeera?
Thank Obama for what you're paying at the pump

March 10, 2011

Abdirizak Bihi at King Hearings: "Extremists such as Hamas-linked CAIR and other Islamic organizations are 'kidnapping' our children" ... "We don't have a voice"
Breaking: James O'Keefe Releases Part 2 of NPR Sting Featuring Phone Calls
Andrew Klavan Video: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work
On the Left's War on Democracy in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Capitol Now On Lockdown (Updated)
Herman Caine Sets a Young Liberal Straight on Healthcare
Re: The 'Racist' Tea Party
Amil Imani to Rep. King: Forget 'Radical' -- Islam is the Culprit
World's Largest Bond Fund Manager Abandons US Treasuries
Re: Democratic Undergrounders Go Berserk Over WI Senate Vote But Produce Memorable Quote'
Collective Bargaining Reforms Pass Wisc. Senate (with video)
Lloyd Marcus: 'we have an irresponsible egocentric evil man occupying the Oval Office'

March 9, 2011

DOJ's list of terror prosecutions dominated by Muslims
Uh Oh, more NPR videos to come
Shocking report: 82% of U.S. schools are failing (Updated)
Jaw-dropping claim of the day: Acts of Islamic terrorism like Ft Hood caused by King hearings and Danish cartoons
Obama and Dems: "Shadowy" Rovian Crossroads Group Behind Nationwide Ad Attacking Unions
Obama's approval retreats
Video seizes on AFL-CIO leader's boast of daily contact with White House
On the Left's Hysteria Over the King Hearings

March 8, 2011

CFP: 'A Rally at Times Square and a Time for a Muslim Moral Reckoning'
Harry Reid: Save federal funding for the cowboy poets!
Re: 25 Bizarre Examples That Show That The U.S. Government Is Absolutely Brimming With Idiots, Incompetents And Incredibly Corrupt Politician
(Video) Herman Cain: When the President Leaves Out 3 Times On Purpose 'Endowed by Their Creator' Something's Wrong
Michelle Bachmann on Obamacare's $105 billion dirty secret
'Blood shooting out of eyes' video of NPR Executive's comments bashing Tea Party and Republicans ... while supporting 'Muslim voices in schools and on air', spreading sharia
Left all wigged out about King's hearings on Islamic radicalization
Pick of today's 'Bits'

March 7, 2011

Cato Institute Video: House GOP's $61 Billion Spending Cuts in Perspective
Allen West: 'I am starting to believe that I reside in a parallel universe'
Emerging Markets in Turmoil: Egypt
Obamacare: Government by Waiver
Chart of the Day: Record Bets on $200 Oil

March 4, 2011

Posting break
Damage To Wisconsin Capitol Could Cost $7.5M
Even the WaPo Can't Stomach Democrat's Lies About Budget Cuts
Toon: Holder's "Just-Us" Department
German Official: Suspect in Deadly U.S. Airmen Shooting Wanted Revenge for Afghanistan
Re: Attorney General Eric Holder's "people"
And the Dead Beat Goes On

March 3, 2011

Washington Times Editorial: Obama's state of Islamic denial
Breaking News: Live Ammo Found Outside Wisconsin Capital Building
Re: European investigators call Frankfurt shooting spree "Islamic terrorism" (Obama administration can't figure it out)
How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher
Chris Christie on Collective Bargaining: ' Love Collective Bargaining. Let Me At Them.'
Rasmussen: Dear Leader at -16
Reminder: Unions rake in millions for Democrats - and for the union bosses
Forbes: Too-Green-To-Fail Energy Policies Flunk Achievement Tests
It has to be parody

March 2, 2011

Forbes: On Energy and the Middle East - Obama is Carter 2.0
Wisconsin Fleebaggers to be fined
Former GE CEO Jack Welch: Obama's move to the center purely rhetorical
Two US Soldiers Shot Dead At Frankfurt Airport (Updated - killer is a Muslim)
Westboro's Picketing Of Military Funerals Is Constitutionally Protected Speech
Video: Obama's Union Bosses
Re: 'Assigned Reading For The Nation'
Assassinated Christian Pakistani Official 'Knew the Meaning of the Cross'
UK: Christians Considered Unfit For Foster Parenting

March 1, 2011

Government Unions 101: What Public-Sector Unions Won't Tell You (And Don't Want You To Know)
Are the Flee-baggers losing heart?
Young Madison Socialists Philosophize On Class Struggle And Claim Popular 'Noodles & Company Restaurant Is Actually A Harsh 'Dictatorship'
Report: ObamaCare to cost states $118 billion in next twelve years
Number of Federal workers surge, private sector down
Militant Labor vs. Taxpayers
Barack Carter-Obama, 'All hat and no cattle'?