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February 6, 2011

Ugh Oh ... Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman Awards Official Legitimacy To Muslim Brotherhood

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In what is nothing less than step one of the officially outlawed (for good reason) Muslim Brotherhood gaining a foothold on taking power in Egypt ... Egypt's new vice president has accepted them into political negotiations:

After being shunned for decades, the Muslim Brotherhood appears set to acquire official legitimacy in Egypt with its representatives on Sunday holding talks with the government on defining the ground rules for a political transition, which has become necessary in the wake of a pro-democracy revolt.

>Ahead of talks with Vice-President Omar Suleiman, who has emerged as the face of the Mubarak government in its interaction with the opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood signalled that Sunday's talks could be exploratory. "We decided to take part in a round of negotiations in order to test the officials' seriousness about people's demands and their readiness to respond," the group's Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie, said in a statement.

Nevertheless, the invitation for talks and its acceptance appear part of a larger regional shift in policy towards the organisation, which has well-organised branches in many countries in West Asia, including oil-rich Gulf countries. On Thursday, Jordan's King Abdullah also held talks with Muslim Brotherhood representatives.

In Cairo, in the talks with Mr. Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood representatives joined others from secular opposition parties, as well as independent legal experts and a business tycoon Naguib Sawiris. The dialogue apparently ended on a positive note, with the Egyptian government claiming that both sides had agreed to identify specific steps to be adopted to enable detailed talks to commence.

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Posted by Richard at February 6, 2011 4:25 PM

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