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February 1, 2011

'Wolfpack" of Teenage Bullies Attack 13 Year-old

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Sickening, and infuriating. 13 year-old Nadin Khoury is lucky to have survived, and he says he stands ready to testify against his attackers.He was rescued when a passerby jumped out of her car and took the him home. Why didn't someone stop and help him sooner?
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A cell phone video taken in a Philadelphia suburb shows raw footage of assailants kicking, dragging, chasing, putting 13 Year-old Nadin Khoury in a tree, and hanging him from a gate. The six juvenile bullies range in age from 13 to 17 years-old . Here is the raw footage provided by Upper Darby PD:

Here's the Fox report:

Bullies' Teen Victim Talks To Fox 29:

Here's the edited ABC report:

... the alleged attackers are the victim's classmates, ranging from age 13 to 17, according to police. They captured the victim on his way home from school last month. Six of the alleged attackers have been arrested on charges including kidnapping and false imprisonment, and police are seeking the seventh.

The teen was not seriously injured. A good Samaritan came by, took the victim off of the fence and walked him home.

"They could have killed that kid, impaling him by the neck on that metal barrier. This kid was screaming for help and they beat this's bullying, it's bullying in America at its worst, it's caught on video," Michael Chitwood, the Superintendent of Upper Darby Police, told press.

Chitwood said the arrests at Upper Darby High School are related to a Jan. 11 assault at an apartment complex courtyard. The video was taken by one of the seven alleged attackers.

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(Hat tip - Phillydotcom)

Posted by Richard at February 1, 2011 12:56 PM

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