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February 21, 2011

On 'Israel, Obama, and Christians

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Sharon Sebastian writes at STACLU:

As the Middle East erupts in turmoil, Israel appears to be isolated both politically and physically. As Egypt calls for democracy, the resulting destabilization in the region has become a flashpoint for the rise of Islamic radicalism. Even so, a seismic shift in the extremists' confidence occurred long before the Egyptian uprising. America's enemies experienced a stunning revelation that their time had come as they, and the world, viewed the once unthinkable act of an American president bowing to a Saudi king. Obama's bow symbolized an undeniable sign of America's weakness and a crack in the armor of America and its ally, Israel. The call for a worldwide Caliphate is at its peak. Replete with Sharia law, its goal is the destruction of America and Israel. First and foremost, jihadi terrorists are waging a war of religions.

When it comes to protection, Israel can find no greater support than American Christians. Obama openly claims that he is Christian. Worldwide there is doubt. Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi called on Obama to openly embrace his Muslim faith and "be proud." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law reportedly declared that there is "an anti-Semitic president in America." Barack Obama can practice whatever religion he chooses. The issues are his universal misrepresentation of Christianity and the resulting implication of anti-Semitism.

Deep seated and deep-seeded ideologies influence Barack Obama from his deepest roots. Deep-seeded because he was born to Marxist parents and alternately raised by Muslim and Marxist mentors who implanted, according to his autobiography, a radical, anti-Western mind-set. Deep-seeded because he complacently spent 20-plus years listening to Marxist inspired black liberation theology and anti-Jewish diatribes as his pastor railed against Jews. No Christian or Christian church embraces the hatred of Jews. It is anti-biblical. Deep-seeded because those same years were spent fomenting socialist-tinged street and labor organizing. Opponents claim that Obama is the embodiment of America and Israel's growing menace, the combination of Marxism and anti-Semitism.

[...] For Islamic radicals, weakening Christianity strengthens the Caliphate. There is great danger in Obama's political and religious ambiguity and perceived Islamic leanings as they manifest themselves through increasingly violent attacks on Americans and Jews in the Middle East, increasing attacks on Jews and Christians in Muslim societies, and the deafening roar from the mosques for death to America and Israel. Obama's refusal to denounce Islamic extremism and Sharia law speaks volumes. In effect, Obama claims a belief in what is essentially a religion of confusion and dysfunction. It is part-Muslim, part-Christian, but equals neither. ...

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Posted by Richard at February 21, 2011 4:10 PM

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