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February 3, 2011

NY Times likens Muslim Brotherhood to Catholic Church

Topics: Police Brutality and Corruption

It seems that the New York Times just can't help itself from finding innovative ways of attacking the Catholic Church ... this time likening the terrorist-supporting Muslim Brotherhood to the Catholic Church.

Katheryn Jean Lopez points to the New York Times' following assertion today:

The Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928, is the oldest and largest Islamist movement in the world, with affiliates in nearly every Muslim country and adherents in Europe and the United States. Its size and diversity, and the decades-old legal ban that has kept it from genuine political power in Egypt, make it difficult to sum up simply. As the Roman Catholic Church encompasses leftist liberation theology and conservative anti-abortion advocacy, so the Brotherhood includes both practical reformers and firebrand ideologues.
Readers will find a far more accurate take, here ...

As a reminder for the NYT, this is the same Musim Brotherhood in Egypt whose leader told the Arabic-language Iranian news network Al-Alam on Monday that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel. When has anyone ever heard any leader of the Catholic Church talk about going to war with anybody!

Kirsten Powers: Americans Should Worry About 'Islamic Power in Cairo'

Posted by Richard at February 3, 2011 2:26 PM

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