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February 23, 2011

Hold On to Your Wallet...the UN Wants What's In It

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Chris Horner, writing at The American Spectator, discusses the UN's demand for 2 percent of worldwide income to be "invested" in the green economy:

This demand is set to emerge in a treaty I have noted here before, plans for which include springing it on us three weeks before an event in Rio, in the Spring of our 2012 presidential election cycle, which President Obama will attend. It is a World Environment Summit celebrating the 20th anniversary of the world taking advantage of U.S. politics to insert their rent-seeking, wealth transfers and playing-field-levelers into our national debate. Oh, and roping us into them, as well, as politicians rush to show their 'green' bona fides (we ratified the parent treaty to Kyoto, agreed in Rio 1992, in an embarrassing 120 days or so from agreement, knocking all but two other countries over in our stampede to do so before them).

It is called the UN Convention on Sustainable Development 2012, and more on it as things develop. The next negotiating session, the second of three, will be held this Spring. I've seen negotiating documents from the first session -- lots of talk about how to avoid extended debate, which apparently wouldn't serve their purposes -- and can hardly wait to read more.

As has been suggested by Climate Change deniers for a long time now, the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has nothing to with Climate Change and everything to do with wealth redistribution and one world socialist government ... which has actually been admitted to by a UN IPCC official.

Posted by Richard at February 23, 2011 3:06 PM

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