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February 4, 2011

Copts Fear for Their Post-Mubarak Future ... Despite What Obama May Be Hearing

Topics: Egypt, Police Brutality and Corruption

Nina Shea writes at The Corner:

Under President Mubarak, Egypt's Coptic Christians have been bombed by extremists, denied justice when murdered and massacred by Muslims, severely discriminated against in government employment, scapegoated by the government press, prevented from building churches, harassed by police, afforded little protection from bigoted mobs, and made to suffer numerous other injustices and indignities because of their faith -- this on top of the limits on their rights and freedoms that are the general lot of Egyptians.

Still, most accounts reveal that Copts are siding with Mubarak over the Muslim Brotherhood. The choice for them is stark, as an insightful Los Angeles Times piece today makes clear. Sameh Joseph, a church worker at the Patriarch of the Orthodox Christians Church in Alexandria, is quoted explaining: "He's the best of the worst. . . . Whoever comes after him might want to destroy us."

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Posted by Richard at February 4, 2011 12:44 PM

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