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January 20, 2011

'Iranium' ... the film the Iranian leaders don't want you to see (Updated - Canada stands up to Iran)

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U.S. Reports asks, "Is film 'Iranium' so damaging Iran doesn't want Canadians to see it?":

A scheduled screening of a controversial new documentary in Canada has reportedly caused threats of violence, protests, and even a request from the Iranian embassy for its cancellation.

The Free Thinking Film Society of Ottawa, which shows films with a "healthy and patriotic respect for Western culture and traditions," had planned on showing Iranium to an audience at the Canadian National Archives on Tuesday evening followed by a special appearance by Middle East expert Clare Lopez, who appears in the film. Iranium addresses the dangers posed by a nuclear Iran and is scheduled to premier on February 8. However, the Iranian embassy sent an official request to cancel the screening over the weekend, and the Archives received numerous complaints and threats.

The Archives also received two suspicious letters Tuesday afternoon connected to the event, prompting officials to shut down the entire building. A hazardous materials team responded to the incident, and concluded that the letters were safe. Officials determined that complaints and threats accompanying the Iranian request posed too serious a security threat, and the National Archives decided to cancel the event.

Unfortunately for the Iranian Islamist thugs, trailers for the film are online:

Abd the entire film will be aired online February 8, 2011 and viewers should be able to watch it if they reside in a country where censorship is not practiced (as in Iran ... not sure about Canada). DVDs are also available.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama stupidly seems to think that these people can be negotiated with to give up their plan to build nuclear weapons for Hezbolah and Hamas as fast as they can.

UPDATE: Just in: Canada Stands Up To Iran:

Canadian Minister of Heritage James Moore has vowed that a screening of the documentary film Iranium will soon take place at the National Archives following the cancelation of the film's screening earlier this week. The Iranian embassy was behind requests to cancel the Tuesday screening. ...

"This movie will be shown, the agreement will be kept and this movie Iranium will be shown at Library and Archives Canada. We will not be moving it to a different facility, we're not bending to any pressure," said Mr. Moore.

"People need to be kept safe, but we don't back down to people who try to censor people by threats of violence."

"Canada does not accept attempts from the Iranian Embassy to dictate what films will and will not be shown in Canada," Mr. Moore added.

More here.

To RSVP for the screening of Iranium at the Heritage Foundation, click here.

Posted by Richard at January 20, 2011 1:42 PM

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