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January 2011

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January 31, 2011

Hamas fires rockets into Israel
Reason.TV's video referred to by Judge declaring Obamacare unconstutional
Breaking: Florida judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional
Video: Israel 'Terrified' About Egypt Crisis
Neocons back at the White House?
Re: ABC News Publishes, Then Quickly Removes Lefty Mother Jones Article on GOP 'Redefining Rape'
Gallup survey: 71% say GOP should listen to the Tea Party
On the uncivil left
(Islamist) ElBaradei relates Muslim Brotherhood to U.S. evangelicals and orthodox Jews in Jerusale

January 29, 2011

Homosexual War on Normalcy Spreading
Obama Cut Funding for Egyptian Democracy Programs Before the Current Crisis
Hamas has entered Egypt (Updated)
Moustafa Zayed-Spencer debate: did Muhammad teach warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers?
Busted: Obama Email Preaches Civility--Then Seeks $$ To Defeat Those Lying Republican

January 28, 2011

Islamist Appeasement Alert: Obama Administration Lifts US Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Leader
Video: The Highway to Hell ... the Leftist Remix Edition
French High Court Rejects a Right to Gay Marriage
Sen. Rand Paul: Medicare Chief Berwick Is Qualified to Run Health Care System --- In England or Sweden
Obamacare Waivers for Favors: Big Labor's Obamacare escape hatch
A bad sign in Egypt (Updated)
Hu's on First
If you've wondered why the peace talks fail ...
Obama Reminds Him Of A Prostitute

January 27, 2011

Video: What Liberals Think About Illegal Immigration And Border Security, Etc.
Meet Senator Asshat
Re: Move Over, Einstein! Let The Beautiful People Speak!
Speaker of the House John Boehner on CNN Last Night
Iranian book celebrating suicide bombers found in Arizona desert
Harry Reid is either a liar, an idiot, or both
Study: World Muslim population growth outpaces non-Muslims
Are we next?
Islamists Never Sneak in from Mexico, you say ...
'Spitting mad" Alan Simpson to AARP and NCPSSM: You're a bunch of phonies! Social Security sinking fast(er); AARP is just a bunch of marketers. "They sell stuff"
Re: The real snow job in D.C.: Obamacare waivers skyrocket to 729 + 4 states; 4 new SEIU waiver winners

January 26, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan 1 (+) ... ObamaCare 0
Disturbing Academic Islamization Update
Surprise? CBO Says Social Security Now Officially Broke
Birthergasm alert: Hawaii Gov says no Obama birth certificate exists in Hawaii (Updated)
Fort Hood Jihadist Ruled Devout ... Not Deranged
Re: Titanic, Iceberg, Deckchairs
Paul Ryan's Prosperity Project
Fillibuster 'reform' dead
Iraqi Muslim immigrant on trial in Az for honor killing
The Speech

January 25, 2011

Re: More on Tonight's Windmill and Solar Heist
Excerpts of Paul Ryan's Response
SOTU - nonsense redux
Man Acquitted of Crimes Associated with Asserting His Legal Rights
Video: How liberal Journalists think - in one easy lesson
Re: Tucson, Piven, and the Left's Strategic Blunder
A jaw-dropping perspective on the debt ...
Religious persecution and slaughter of Christians and Jews by Muslims?

January 24, 2011

Admin note

January 23, 2011

US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America

January 22, 2011

Re: Obama, Immelt, and the alliance between big government and big business
Keith Olbermann (finally) Out at MSNBC

January 21, 2011

Re: Politico's "hard-Left pseudo-journalist" Ben Smith
Report: Americans Out Of Work Because Of Hispanic Illegal Immigrants Now At Epidemic Level
Paul Ryan Will Deliver GOP's Response To SOTU
Whatever happened to the anti-war movement? (Video)
The 8th Deadly Sin: Procrastination
Re: Obama, Big Green, and SOTU
Franklin Graham: Tucson Memorial Service 'Scoffed' at Jesus

January 20, 2011

Video: Pursuit of Stupidity in the Crosshairs
Video: Bill Whittle's Half-Time Report Card For Obama
'Iranium' ... the film the Iranian leaders don't want you to see (Updated - Canada stands up to Iran)
Main attack on Obamacare's flanks ... begins
Re: Gov. Christie's Strange Relationship with Radical Islam
Islamic preacher in Australia says Prime Minister should "step down and let the Muslims take over"
Christianity Dying In Iraq (and the entire M.E.)

January 19, 2011

Say What, Nancy?
Abortion Doctor Arrested for Murder of Woman, Seven Babies
The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin
Re: 'Thou Shalt Not! The WaPo's "On Faith" Blog Spikes a Regular Contributor When He Writes on Islam
Has It Really Come To This? (Stupidity Squared)
Hawaii's Liberal Governor Can't Find Obama Birth Certificate
Reality: CBO Says Obamacare Would Indeed Increase National Debt, Spend Medicare 'Savings'
Bizarre Pep Rally Continues ... "Together We Thrive" Bus Benches Pop Up in Tucson

January 18, 2011

Health Insurers Dismiss Administration Claims on Pre-Existing Conditions Barrier
Kevin Drum: 'There's Only a Free Market Solution If You're Willing to Let Lots of Poor People Get Sick and Die'
Re: Chris Christie's Troubling Appointment
(Video) Going Galt: When Will Surgeons Say Enough is Enough? (A Surgeon's Devastating Appraisal Of ObamaCare)
Half (or more) of Americans Back Repeal of Obamacare
Barack Obama's Department of Labor (bought and paid for by labor) encourages, forces unionization
Iowahawk's 'CSI:Tuscon'
A Source of Nonsense
NYT: Stuxnet is a joint U.S./Israeli project -- ordered by Bush
Re: 'The mother of all job creation-stifling regulations'
Why Do Socialists Run From The Label?

January 17, 2011

Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin (Video)
Another reason to appreciate Martin Luther King
Fact: Martin Luther King Was Republican
Leftist Tucson Shooting Victim Arrested for Death Threat (Updated)
New RNC Chairman Priebus Fires Steele's Overpaid 2012 GOP Convention Staff
Turns out Az Shooter could be product of "vitriolic rhetoric" after all ... but of the "Left"
Expect Those Always Angry, Newly Desperate, Progressives To Get Much Worse
On the Left's call for a "new tone" for "civility"
On How Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" Was Composed

January 16, 2011

Leftist Yanks Pep Rally 'Applause' Photo & Then Threatens Blogger With Lawsuit

January 14, 2011

Three Republicans introduce bill in Congress to save cross atop Mt. Soledad in San Diego
8 year-old Elizabeth Hughes becomes latest YouTube star for her 'Star Spangled Banner' rendition at hockey game
Defense Secretary Robert Gates rule: Act first, think later
Did the "Healer-In-Chief" blame America for the Tucson tragedy?
California chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR to take down image of poster urging American Muslims to "Build a wall of resistance," and "Don't talk to the FBI"
Say What?

January 13, 2011

Anti-Gun Metaphor Congressman: Obama had to put on a "double barrel" effort last night
Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Denounces 'Vitriolic Rhetoric' ... With Left-Wing Vitriolic Rhetoric
Andrew Klavan On The History of Western Culture - in 2 1/2 Minutes
Moody's and S&P issue warning to U.S. on its credit rating
Energy And Food Prices, Jobless Claims, Home Foreclosures ... All Up
Tacky branding done in poor taste (Memorial service or political event?)

January 12, 2011

Denver Archbishop Chaput Honors Life of Slain Judge John Roll
Re: 'Worst Sheriff In America'
Rasmussen: Only 28% Of Voters View Arizona Shootings As Related To Political Anger
Re: Michele Bachmann's "Armed and Dangerous"
Charles Krauthammer: 'The origins of Jared Loughner's delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Paul Krugman's?'
House Speaker John Boehner: 'Our hearts are broken, but our spirit is not'
Sarah Palin Preempts Obama's Tuscon Speech
Video Profile Of A Madman -- Jared Loughner Is No Tea Partier And No Conservative

January 11, 2011

The Big Chill: Why the Left Politicizes Murder
CF&P Video: Explains Only Way To Rescue Social Security
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC): Reading the Constitution provoked murder spree in Tucson, or something ...
The Arizona Republic Chastises Sheriff Dupnik For His Partisan, Vitriolic, Comments
Times' Mark Halperin: Conservatives should turn the other cheek when scapegoated for murder
CBS Poll: 57% of Americans Don''t Blame Political Tone for Tucson Shooting
Re: The Left Puts a Bullseye on the Right
Video: Global Warming Panic explained

January 10, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funeral of 9-Yr-Old Christina-Taylor Green
Breaking: Arizona Shooter's Parents Barricade Themselves in House
Re: ' Quoted without Comment'
Airborne Laser to Attempt Another Missile Shoot-Down
Re: 'Caitie Parker's Tweets Re Jared Loughner'
Dignity. Grace. Courage. Patriotism. And Christina Green
Re: Abe Greenwald's 'Hillary Clinton and The Art of Getting It Exactly Wrong'
Fox's Megyn Kelly Calls Liberal Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's Bluff on Politicizing Shooting
The Dark Side of December Employment
For A Little Perspective On Those Violent Images And The Language In Politics Az Sheriff Dupnik Spoke Of ...
Federal Judge On Liberal Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik And Liberal Media's Attack
Liberalism's Problem With the Constitution
Re: Beware the Leftist scorned

January 9, 2011

Rest in peace Christina Green
Re: A day may come...
NewsBusters: Within Minutes of Shooting, CNN Finds Local Liberal to Blame State's 'Rabid Right' and Gun'Fetish'

January 8, 2011

Re: Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner
The Coming Battle Over Public Sector Unions ... A Case of 'Tax Payers Vs. Tax Eaters'
Where Are The Jobs?
Re: ''State Department Finds Terms 'Mother' and 'Father' So 20th Century''
'No doubt acts of intolerance against Muslims can be found, and they should be condemned .. but note that Muslims aren't fleeing America in fear of their lives like Christians are having to do in Islamic nations'

January 7, 2011

Dems' Hopey Changey Identity Politics Chasing White Voters Away In Droves
Baltimore would-be jihad mass murderer pleads not guilty (the FBI made him do it)
Gallup: Unemployment at 9.6% in December. Underemployment rose to 19.0%
Breaking from CBO: 'Repealing ObamaCare Would Reduce Net Spending by $540 Billion'
New Yorkers Murder 41% Of Their Unborn Babies
Re: The Debt Ceiling ... to raise or not to raise?
Sarkozy: Christians in Middle East are victims of 'religious cleansing'
Rude Amnesty Activists Interrupt Birthright Event ... Shove Elderly Man (Updated)
Mystery of mass animal death epidemic around the globe deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks
Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To New 25 Year Low - Adjusted Unemployment Rate Now At 11.7%

January 6, 2011

When it's gotten to Pravda decrying American communism ...
Paul Ryan: Obamacare Will Increase Budget Deficit by $700 Billion Over 10 Years
Dems Don't Want To Hear It
The Ryan-Rivlin Plan To Reform Medicare And Medicaid
Yet Another Premium Spike in Response to Obamacare
(Videos) The World We Now Find Ourselves In Thanks To Islamism

January 5, 2011

No, Obamacare Will Not Reduce the Deficit
Are Private practice doctors Another Obamacare casualty?
Re: Boehner's 'Sackcloth and Ashes Speech' (Updated)
A Reason To Celebrate: Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) No Longer Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee -
Media Obviously Unhinged By GOP Taking Control Of The House Today
Pakistani governor murdered for opposing blasphemy law was killed by member of 'moderate' Muslim group
Zogby Poll Has Chris Christie Ahead of Obama For 2012
Hani Shurallah: I Accuse

January 4, 2011

Mark Steyn On the erosion of personal liberty
Pakistani Governor shot dead by his own bodyguard
Nancy Pelosi Knows Best: 'If Every American Loved Their Healthcare ... Democrats Would Still Take It Over, Repeal Is 'Violence'
Oops: Russians Say START Treaty Covers Antimissile Defense Systems
What You Need to Know About Berwick's "Orwellian Wellness Visit"
Something Beautiful ...
ACLU's 'Official History' Omits Stalinist Heritage
Report: Austin Goolsbee's debt limit comments conflict with Obama's 2006 vote
Under Speaker Pelosi, National debt increased 60%
Video Of Apparent NYC Blizzard Clean-Up, Slow-Down Surfaces

January 3, 2011

Brown University Students Launch Public Relations Campaign for North Korea
Obamacare: A Straw House Built On A Weak Foundation
Rasmussen poll shows GOP lead on party affiliation at 6 year high
Re: The Paradox of the Unborn
"Ultimate death stare": New RAF helmet allows pilots to shoot down enemy jets by looking at them
Obama Administration Takes Control of Insurance Prices
Lessons For America's Youth: Europe's Doomed Generation
Videos: Left Calling For Violent Revolution

January 2, 2011

Is Obama's goal of $7 a gallon gasoline in our future?
Is Obama "mourning" the deaths of Islamic terrorists who murder Christians?
Quotation for the New Year