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December 10, 2010

Yet Another Obama Payoff to Big Labor

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News of yet another Obama political payoff to Big Labor:

The latest bloated price tag for a federal project is that of the Lafayette Federal Building in Washington D.C., a project that has seen costs rise at least $3.3 million thanks to Obama's payoffs to unions. That's right in a day when we are drowning in government overspending, Obama is making sure costs rise, not insuring that they fall.

Barack Obama's political tin ear is nowhere better revealed than in his constant payoffs to Big Labor. One of Obama's very first actions, for instance, was to write an Executive Order that forced all government building projects to follow union marching orders in pay scale, work rules, and pension payouts by imposing Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on all of them.

Let there be no doubt that Barack Obama hearts (and owes) Big Labor ... Big Time. Be it union-friendly legislation, relaxing unions' financial disclosure rules, the GM Bankruptcy/Union Payback deal, the Chicago-Style GM IPO, the Teacher Union Payback Deal, the Financial Reform/Union Giveaway deal, etc.., etc.., etc.., Barack Obama just can't seem to do enough for unions.

Posted by Richard at December 10, 2010 1:07 PM

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