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December 22, 2010

Study shows link between video games, teen depression, and smoking

Topics: Health Issues

A new study done by the Department of Psychology at Yale University School of Medicine in West Haven, Connecticut shows that video games can play a role in your child's health. The study reveals a link between gaming, teen depression (or the lack of it) and smoking (and/or not smoking), and affects boys and girls differently. Boys who game report smoking less. Female gamers are less likely to say they are depressed but get into serious fights or carry a weapon to school.

As reported in The Examiner:

[...] More than half of all teens play video games.

The article in this months journal Pediatrics, asked teens about gaming, reported problems with gaming and other health behaviors. A total of 76.3 percent of boys and 29.2 percent of girls said they play video games.

Among gamers, 4.9 percent said they'd describe their play as problematic gaming.
'Problematic' defined as trying to cut back, experiencing an irresistible urge to play, and experiencing a growing tension that could only be relieved by playing.

Boys were more likely to report these problems, 5.8 percent compared to 3.0 percent of girls. Problematic gaming was linked to regular cigarette smoking, drug use, fighting, and depression.

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Posted by Richard at December 22, 2010 5:53 PM

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