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December 14, 2010

No Labels and the Coffee Party ... one in the same?

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As Nice Deb aptly notes, the anti-label crusaders from David Frum's mushy-middle No Labels project, and the mushy middle pretenders of the Coffee Party are on the march. And looking at the No Labels Declaration and the Coffee Party Mission Statement, side by side, it sure looks like they could be the same group. David Frum didn't need to waste his time with No Labels. He should have joined the Coffee Party.

As for Frum's "No Labels" ... Erick Erickson pegs it, in a nutshell:

Only in a place like New York, where a man can set off a bomb in Times Square and have the mayor blame opponents of Obamacare, could an unserious circle of smug, self-righteous political exiles get together and demand that they be treated seriously -- so long as we give them no labels.

[...] I'm talking, of course, about a new group out calling itself No Labels. It is a group of snobs, elitists, true believers, and other left-of-center Democrats and Republicans who share nothing in common except being rich, pretty white, repudiated by the American political system, and convinced that if they are good enough and, doggoneit, serious enough, they can bring Aaron Sorkin's West Wing to reality. Oh, and they are very serious. Just ask them.

Actually, all one needs to know about No Labels is that they boast that Obama is "aligned with the values of this organization" and that it's kick-off event was hosted by MSNBC and wildly supported by the likes of MSNBC anchors, first Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough, and left-wing loons Mika Brzezinski; and then Dylan Ratigan. In other words No Labels is just a coalition of mostly liberal politicians who used to label themselves by a political party and now would rather fly stealth.

Once More Into the No Labels Breach
'No Labels' Accused of Ripping Off Their Logo

Posted by Richard at December 14, 2010 5:53 AM

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