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December 14, 2010

Ismaili Muslim in Pakistan jailed under blasphemy law for throwing away the business card of a salesman named "Muhammad"

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As the saying goes, you really can't make this stuff up.

Robert Spencer writes:

What can one expect of a law that is inherently abusive, except more abuse? The Islamic supremacist spirit underlying Pakistan's blasphemy laws aims to establish Islam's dominance and create a climate of fear to maintain it, all the more so that non-Muslims (and those Muslim minorities regarded as such) "feel themselves subdued" (Qur'an 9:29). Cases such as this, and that of Asia Bibi, are then not so much "abuses," but a predictable outgrowth of the mentality underlying the original law.

Since the law is fundamentally unjust in that it exists to deny freedom of speech and conscience, attempts to "reform" it would be but a fig leaf, and a public relations move to create the illusion of due process and meaningful judicial review. The simple fact remains that there is no "right" way to apply a law that is plainly wrong.

Here's an excerpt from the story: Pakistan's blasphemy law claims another innocent victim.
[...] Lahore (AsiaNews) - As protests and appeals for the freedom of Asia Bibi mount, the controversial blasphemy law has claimed another victim from a religious minority, this time of the Ismaili Muslim sect that is headed by the Aga Khan. The episode proves, if proof were ever needed, how the blasphemy law harms Pakistani civil society of [sic]. The incident took place in Hyderabad, the second city of the province of Sindh. Naushad Walyani, a doctor, is in prison for a seemingly trivial gesture. A pharmaceutical salesman, Muhammed Faizan, visited him on December 9 to sell certain products. The doctor ''after taking the business card of the sales representative threw it in the trash'' writes a local newspaper. Clearly annoyed by the gesture, Faizan returned later with some colleagues to "teach the doctor a lesson". A violent quarrel broke out between the two.

The agent threatened to report the doctor for blasphemy for not respecting the sacred name engraved on the business card. According to local media reports, on December 10 Faizal's colleagues attacked the doctor, who, following a complaint to police under the Blasphemy Act was arrested and is now awaiting trial. His apology and the assurance that he "had no intention of insulting the Prophet by throwing the card in the trash' has served no purpose. The complaint was supported by local religious leaders.

And to think that Pakistan is supposedly our ally in the War on Terror and Islamic extremism!

Meanwhile, readers should take the time to learn How Shariah "Blasphemy" Laws are Being Imposed On Us here in the U.S. Don't think for a minute that a toned-down version of what's going on in Pakistan isn't already happening here at home... as in the Obama administration's failure to accurately describe the enemy (Islamic extremism) and his threat doctrine (jihad), submission to shariah blasphemy dikitats in civil society outside the government and military - as in newspapers, magazines, websites and television channels censoring their writers and themselves in order to comply with shariah blasphemy demands by Muslim groups lest they lend offense or suffer violent consequences ... and more.

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Posted by Richard at December 14, 2010 4:56 AM

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