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December 22, 2010

5th graders in Springfield MO get shocking lessons on effects of meth addiction

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Disturbingly, meth addiction is increasingly a problem in Missouri, with an increasing number of children trying methamphetamine for the first time in grade school ... with the average age of a first-time user being just over 12 years of age. So the president of the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast is taking on the problem and has spearheaded an effort to show hundreds of Springfield School District students exactly what meth can do to a person's body and life.

KY3 reports:

[...} It's a program called Don't Meth With Us. Horton's Rotary Club hopes 5th graders will learn that message by seeing just how destructive the drug is.

Students at Disney Elementary gasped last Thursday while looking at the before and after pictures of meth addicts. The dramatic change and "gross factor" is what grabbed their attention in the gym as they watched the slide show.

It was a class with a real-life look at the work of methamphetamine. Pictures of the rotting "meth mouth" really caused kids' jaws to drop. The squirming and shouts of "Ewwww!" were proof to the speakers that the message was sinking into the young minds.

Springfield Southeast hopes more Rotary clubs will pick up the program and take it to other schools statewide. His team of nine trained presenters has done the program in eight Springfield School District schools for 350 to 400 students. More presenters will be trained next month to try to reach the other 35 elementary schools in the district.

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Pre-teen meth addiction is nothing new and not confined to Missouri, and as hard as it is rearing children these days ... the last thing a parent should have to worry about is shopping around for a drug rehab center in California for their grade schooler. Programs like the one provided by the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast need to be cloned and repeated in communities throughout the country.

Posted by Richard at December 22, 2010 6:23 PM

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