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December 2010

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December 31, 2010

HSA: Secretary Napolitano Arrives in Afghanistan
Re: Spain Goes on Mosque-Building Spree ... Churches Forced to Close
Re: 8 botched environmental forecasts
In America, If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims - Then ...
RNC chairwoman candidate Amb. Ann Wagner wary of transatlantic creep of socialism

December 30, 2010

Leading RNC Candidate's Law Firm Supports Obamacare -- Says It's Constitutional
Cloward-Piven and the manufactured crisis ... back again?
New Born Child 'Killed by Union Protest'?
Re: 'Mohamed the dog'
Memo to illegals: 'Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out
Finally We All Agree
Yep, Obama just kissed bi-partisanship goodbye
Re: Book Recommendation for Anyone Curious about Catholicism
M. Zuhdi Jasser: Muslims must first look in the mirror
Re: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie And The Obama Birth Certificate Issue

December 29, 2010

Re: Pop Quiz
Europe - 'Coldest winter in over 300 years'
In answer to the question of using the word 'tyrannical' in describing the Obama administration ...
CNN Opinon Research Poll: Americans Trust GOP Over Obama to Handle Nation's Problems - More Believe Obama's Radical Agenda Will Fail
Muslim Peace and Tolerance Alert: Five arrested in Denmark/Sweden, planned to attack Mohammed cartoons newspaper in the next few days
Just another case of Islamist and Leftist cooperation
Hayes, Stoddard, and Krauthammer on Taxes and Debt
And the Winner of the Nannie of the Year Award is ...

December 28, 2010

Obama wrong again ...
Must-Watch Video Fisks That "Fox Viewers Are Stooopid" Study
MSNBC: U.S. Companies Are Hiring ...
WaPo discovers ObamaCare costs more, helps fewer than predicted
$10,429 Per Person (for a total of $3,220,103,625,307.29)
WaPo Editor Shocked by Opposition to Nanny State Food Police
Chuck Hagel, The Anti-Republican Republican

December 27, 2010

'When the average stagehand at Lincoln Center in NYC makes $290K a year ... ' (Updated)
Re: Congress presses Obama to act on attacks on Christians in Iraq
Obamas hail Kwanzaa 'umoja' (Hail made-up 'racist' religion formed by a former black militant, Marxist and convicted felon)
Somali Islamist leader threatens to attack U.S. if Obama doesn't 'embrace Islam'
Religion of peace alert: Turkish Muslim Troops Stop Church Services in Cyprus on Christmas, Defrock Priests

December 26, 2010

Obama's Humble... Just Like Reagan?
Uh Oh, Death Panel "Myth" That "Died" - Not So "Mythical" And Not So Dead After All
Analysts Agree Obama's 'New START' Helps Russia - does nothing to help U.S.

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all the world

December 24, 2010

Video: How the Obama Stole Christmas!
And the reason it was so critical for US diplomacy and Obama's standing to rush the START treaty through the lame duck session is ... ?
Re: 'No Harm in Congratulations'
Rasmussen: 3 Out of 5 Americans With a Strong Opinion about Obama Don't Like Him
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office helped Ground Zero Mosque project gain city approval
Obama To Read Reagan Book on Vacation?

December 23, 2010

Now San Francisco may ban ... 'circumcision'?
(Video) Rev. Al Sharpton's Racist Racial Redistribution Racket: Calls for Government Mandated 'Spoils' Redistribution Based on Black Populations
Religion of peace and tolerance update: Cross banned in Bethlehem because of Islamic fundamentalism
Fjordman: Why Islam Must Be Expelled From The West
Looking at the bright side of New START
Speaking of journalistic persuasion
Video: It's Christmas in Congress
Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell: Obama Has An "F This" Attitude (Video)
So who's a socialist?
Why Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans
Obama: START Treaty Will Help Us Seek a World Without Nuclear Weapons (Video)

December 22, 2010

Video: U.S. Director of National Intelligence Caught in Interview Unaware of London Terror Arrests
John Fund at WSJ: Net Neutrality Was Manufactured and Astroturfed Into Law
5th graders in Springfield MO get shocking lessons on effects of meth addiction
Study shows link between video games, teen depression, and smoking
UK Muslim group launches poster campaign against Christmas: Says 'Christmas is evil'
Report: 'No medical justification for release of Lockerbie bomber ... it was all about oil'
New Rules And Guidelines For Our Military After The Repeal Of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (A non-pc satirical rant)
It's all about control ... and has nothing to do with 'fairness'
Video: Democrat Rep Keith Ellison Reveils Progressive Vision of Borderless U.S. - 'God Willing ... Border Will Become an Irrelevancy'
Victor Davis Hanson on the Obamaites' about-face
Re: Obama's pro-union, anti-business, NLRB

December 21, 2010

(Video) Bill O'Reilly Slams 'Muslim' Rep. Keith Ellison's attack on Rep. Peter King for announcing GOP to hold hearings on radical Islam
AG Holder Warns of Threat Within From Radical 'Citizens'
Arrested UK 'People' Planned to Target British Landmarks, Crowded Shopping Areas
Commentary January Preview: The Democrats and Health Care
Digital Story of the Nativity Goes Viral
Harry Potter actress beaten, threatened with murder, and branded a prostitute by her family ... for dating a non-Muslim
Barney Frank Wants Government to Block Your Children From Inheriting Your Wealth

December 20, 2010

Re: Fox News Presents Both Sides of the Climate Debate; LA Times Says They Are Not Fair and BALANCED
Mitt Romney's health-care straddle
Obama/Holder DOJ priority: Ensure that welfare and other public assistance agencies are 'registering as many voters as possible'
The Jib-Jab 2010 review (Video)
Following public furor, Google re-opens Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) YouTube account
NPR's Nina Totenberg: 'I Was At - Forgive the Expression - a Christmas Party...'
Re: Radical Islam to Be Investigated: CAIR Cries Foul
Thousands of Christians flee central Iraq (and elsewhere) as wave of jihadist attacks continues

December 19, 2010

Obama's FCC may talk about transparency ...
Only One Republican Voted For Both DADT and DREAM
The Busy Little Termites of the Modern American Left (When every federal agency becomes a regulator-at-large)
NMA Video: TSA Christmas Carol
Caption request
YouTube Enforces Sharia law - Palestinian Media Watch's account

December 18, 2010

And the asshat of the day award goes to ...
Dream Act fails to move forward ... 55-41
Here Comes the Judge
Today's 'religion of peace' update: Muslim Cuts Out Daughter's Heart While Listening to Recording of Koran in Ritual Killing'

December 17, 2010

UN wants to regulate the internet
Action Alert: Stop the DREAM Act - Vote takes place tomorrow
Forget Wikileaks revelations, the real deal is ... Klavenleaks
Red Flag Alert: Democrats Slip Bringing Terrorists to American Prisons into Defense Bill
More Obamanation: Federal Reserve Force Small Oklahoma Bank to Remove Christian Symbols & Christmas Buttons (Updated)
FDA says no more Avastin to treat breast cancer (Death panel rationing begins)
Napolitano: Forget the chaos on our border, what really matters is "environmental justice"
Re: Harry Reid Finds Himself Omnibusted

December 16, 2010

Britain facing worst blizzard in 100 years
Video: Swedish politician infiltrates Stockholm mosque
Yodeling in Austria now a crime because it insults Muslims
UAE Erects 'Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ever'
Zogby: Obama Approval Falls Ties Low of 39%; 63% Call Him Weak Leader
Whose side is John Kerry on ... ours or the Russians?
Re: Mitch McConnell's One-Page Bill

December 15, 2010

Quote of the day: "That such an administration could be elected in the first place ..."
GOP smitten by its willingness to compromise
Re: Iran Appeasement 1979, 2010
German Meteorologist: Little Ice Age And Expanding Arctic Ice Coming
Robert Gibbs Is Very Angry Senate Will Actually Read Legislation Before Voting On It
JP: 'Stuxnet virus set back Iran's nuclear program by 2 years'
AP Spreading Islamophobia
Manhunt On For Killer Of Border Patrol Agent
Worst Approval of Congress in Gallop History
(Video) DREAM Act Supporter: Illegal Aliens Will Replace 'Old White Men' in Senate

December 14, 2010

Holder and Sebelius: Obama Administration Knows Best
New Report: Diabetes Tied to Shortened Life Expectancy
Isn't It About Time to Teach Tolerance to the Muslims?
Southern Democrat Lawmakers Keep Realizing They're Republicans
Research Provides Insights That Offer Hope for New Attack on Alzheimer's
Never Trust A Christmas Present From Washington
No Labels and the Coffee Party ... one in the same?
Ismaili Muslim in Pakistan jailed under blasphemy law for throwing away the business card of a salesman named "Muhammad"

December 13, 2010

Re: Cancum's "Historic" Climate Breakthrough
The Cost of Unions: 151-year old Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co Files For Bankruptcy
Fox News: RNC Chairman Steele to Announce He Won't Run for Second Term (Updated)
Michelle Obama on $4.5 Billion Child Nutrition Law: "We Can’t Just Leave it Up to The Parents"
Breaking: VA Judge Declares Individual Mandate In ObamaCare 'Unconstitutional'
The 12 Days of Winter (Video skewers the War on Christmas and political correctness)
Rasmussen: Support For Repeal of Obamacare Reaches Highest Point Since September
Video: Why Superrich Warren Buffet Likes High Taxes
Mexico ... America's Next Afghanistan?

December 11, 2010

Science behind the church of Al Gore ... in a nutshell
Obama Administration Supports Racist Akaka Bill
Re: Van Jones: "We are coming for the media and that's not all"
A Born Again Bush Booster and the Stealth Stimulus

December 10, 2010

Huge Problem: Iran to place medium-range missiles inside Venezuela that can reach the U.S.
Yet Another Obama Payoff to Big Labor
MSNBC's Richard Wollfe in effort to mock Palin: 'C.S. Lewis only wrote childrens' books'
Video: Another Government Program That Could Be Cut...The Job Corps
$858 Billion
Unidentified Dem Lawmaker: "F--- the president'
Obama's Pigford II: The $4.6 billion Reparations Fraud

December 9, 2010

RINO Susan Collins (R-Maine) 'Folds Like a Cheap Suit' on DADT
CFACT: Cancun COP16 attendees fall for the old "dihydrogen monoxide" petition as well as signing up to cripple the U.S. Economy
Vandals Destroy 2,000-year-old Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury (and more)
Lindsey Graham: 'This President's kind of whiny and immature'
A Peter-Meter Test for "Gays" seeking assylum from Islamic countries
WiKiLeaks: Fox News an agent of peace in the Middle East
Nightmare called 'DREAM Act' appears Dead
Obama to base: 'You're too effing stupid to understand tax deal'
Ron Paul to Get Chairmanship of the Monetary Subcommitte (but will need permission from Boehner for audit of Fed?)

December 8, 2010

Global Warming Alert: Eiffel Tower Shutdown by Snow
Video: Jon Stewart Takesdown Ben Bernanke's Laughable 'Not Printing Money' Claims
Fox News: Authorities Arrest Muslim Convert in Alleged Plot to Blow Up Military Recruitment Center
"Gore Effect" hits Cancum Climate Conference for third straight day in a row
On Voting Republican For Nothing

December 7, 2010

Price of Gasoline Highest in More Than 2 Years
About that "Obama-McConnell" tax deal
Re: 'Rejecting the DREAM Act -- and the radical ethnic tribalism of the open-borders lobby'
Former Dutch EU commissioner: 'No future for Jews in the Netherlands'
Re: Krauthammer's Take
'Sources': Editors of Time Magazine to Name WikiLeaks Founder ''Person of the Year'
Sultan of Perak warns against questioning special legal status of Islam and Muslims
How (Not) to Negotiate with Iranians
In the Light of Pearl Harbor Day ...
Religion of Peace Update: Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Says Qur'an Is "Dominant" Over the Bible; "We Don't Need...Any Other Book"

December 6, 2010

Strawberry Picking Robot (Replacement for illegal aliens?)
Belgium Court Approves "Wrongful Life" Rule that Disabled Child Should Never Have Been Born (Death by judicial fiat)
Re: Jihadist in the Whitehouse - Arms, Funds and Diplomatic Support
Researchers admit CO2 is increasing earth's biomass ('Inconvenient truth')
Nanny State Update: FCC commissioners demand authority over campaign financing, free Internet
SF Federal Reserve study: Net job impact of stimulus ... zero
Up to Know Good: God, the Jealous Hypocrite? (Video)
Two Taboo Questions That You'll Never See Asked By Obama's Adoring Media

December 5, 2010

Are Press Ignoring the Wave of Arson by Israel's Arabs? (Updated)
Obama's Oil Policy Killing the Industry (Obamunism at Work)
Islamo-tolerance update: Somali girl tortured, murdered by her family for leaving Islam

December 4, 2010

Report: WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord
Smart Power Explained: the cartoon version
Sen Tom Coburn to Debt Commission: The Problem With America Is Too Much Government (Video)
IBD on 'The Audacity Of Economic Ignorance'
Learning the Truth About Education (Time to close down the Department of Education and get the Federal government out of the people programming business)

December 3, 2010

'Moon'battery alert: UN Climate Summit Leader Prays to Mayan Moon Goddess
Video: Andrew Klavan on the crisis of Satanophobia in America
Senator James Inhofe: "Nothing is going to happen in Cancun at UN Climate party and everyone knows it"
Re: Islamists Targeting Christians 'Wherever They Can Reach Them'
The Fruits of Obanomics: Unemployment Is Back Up to 9.8 Percent
Obama to fold on tax cuts?

December 2, 2010

'Chicken Crap'
What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality and Your Internet Bill
Mind Control Alert: FCC Commissoner Says TV News is In Hour of 'Grave Peril'
US ambassador to UK (and Obama crony) visits jihadist East London mosque, expresses "great admiration" for it
Deficit commission: Obamacare's cost savings are bogus
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to Politico: "It is amazing to me how really downright stupid the Democrats are, especially the leaders around the White House"
Article: Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

December 1, 2010

Has the Obama Administration Been Lying About New START's Effect on Our Missile Defense?
Little Barry Thinks He's Carter
JP: Obama's duplicity on Israel Exposed By Wikileaks
Re: Obama to Voters: Drop Dead
Washington University Leftist Thugs Harass & Rough Up Citizen Journalist at Commie Van Jones Public Forum