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November 9, 2010

Somali (Muslim) sex-slave ring in Minneapolis

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Well, so much for that nonsense about America not having the problems with Islam that Europe has because our Muslims integrate so well, that Muslims come here and are so overwhelmed by the wonders of America that they drop all vestiges of their 1,500-year history of warfare, sharia, slavery, and oppression of women, and get swept up into the melting pot and become as American as apple pie and baseball.

Michael Finch writes at Jihad Watch:

[...] This morning's story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune tells us yet again that in spite of all our best wishes and hopes of how America can take in anyone and make him a Patrick Henry flag-waving lover of liberty, the fact is that it just isn't so.

Twenty-nine people have been busted in a sex slave ring in the Twin Cities. The headline says the ring was operated by "gangs." Just any gangs, you wonder? No, of course not. Click on the story and give the Star Tribune credit; they publish photos of all 29, with names. I won't spoil the suspense.

The story itself is about as sordid as you can imagine. Twelve-year-old girls being sold for sex, abductions, beatings, rape, drugs, etc... all right here in the heartland of America. All brought to you by purveyors of the religion of peace. But let's keep bringing them in; the multicultural melting pot is working so well.

As James Zumwalt points out at Human Events, what Americans continue to fail to understand is that, to Muslims, becoming "part of something greater" means the natives surrender their individual identity and way of life to Muslims, not the other way around. And to think otherwise is living in a fantasy land of denial and political correctness run amuck.

Posted by Richard at November 9, 2010 12:33 PM

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