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November 21, 2010

Religion of peace alert: Afghan Christian faces trial for alleged conversion from Islam

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The so called "religion of peace and tolerance" called Islam is again proving it is anything but: Afghan Christian, detained for months for allegedly converting to Christianity from Islam, could face trial as early as next week - and could face a potential death penalty.

CNN reports:

Said Musa was arrested by Afghan Interior Ministry intelligence authorities near the German Embassy in Kabul because of the allegations, said Qamaruddin Shenwari, director of the Kabul courts' north zone. The exact date of his arrest is not known.

The case against Musa has not yet been finalized, said Mohammad Najim Hamidi, director of public security at Zone 3 of the Kabul courts. He could face trial next week if the case is prepared by then, Hamidi said. It was earlier thought Musa's trial would begin on Sunday.

The Afghan Constitution does not mention converting from one religion to another, so the judge will take Islamic law into account, officials said.

"According to Afghanistan's constitution, if there is no clear verdict as to whether an act is criminal or not in the penal code of the Afghan Constitution, then it would be referred to sharia law where the judge has an open hand in reaching a verdict," Shenwari said.

Under sharia law, converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death.

[...] The U.S. State Department said last week in its annual International Religious Freedom Report that "respect for religious freedom" decreased in Afghanistan in the last year, "particularly toward Christian groups and individuals."

.. Christians, Hindus and Sikhs - as well as Muslims whose practices don't satisfy the government or society - suffer "intolerance in the form of harassment, occasional violence, discrimination and inflammatory public statements," the report said. It estimated the Afghan Christian community ranges from 500 to 8,000 people.

Hyscience reader Kisan writes via email:
The Afghanistan Constitution makes a highfalutin commitment to observing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article Seven
The state shall observe the United Nations Charter, inter-state agreements, as well as international treaties to which Afghanistan has joined, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

However unfortunately for the poor soul above there is another overriding part of the Afghanistan Constitution that cancels out this article 7 and makes it meaningless. It is:

Article Three:
No law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam in Afghanistan.

So as the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam mandate the death penalty for converting out of Islam the laws of Afghanistan will too as according to this following Article:

Article One Hundred Thirty
In cases under consideration, the courts shall apply provisions of this Constitution as well as other laws. If there is no provision in the Constitution or other laws about a case, the courts shall, in pursuance of Hanafi jurisprudence, and, within the limits set by this Constitution, rule in a way that attains justice in the best manner.

Hanafi jurisprudence gives the death penalty for apostasy so this is what is being proposed by the prosecuting lawyers.

Here is a link to a copy of a fatwa issued by Al Azhr, the worlds leading Islamic university prescribing a similar death penalty for conversion to Christianity and also giving a death sentence to the children of the convert if they upon reaching puberty wish not to be Muslims:

In other words, "Under sharia law, converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death" - as noted in the CNN report, essentially says all one needs to know about the religio-political ideology called Islam, and anyone who claims otherwise is fooling themselves. As Spencler has noted at Asia Times, Ali Sina of writes that "Islam is not a religion. Considering Islam a religion is a foolish mistake that could cost millions of lives. Islam is a political movement set to conquer the world. It is the Borg of the non-fictional world. Islam has one goal and one goal alone: to assimilate or to destroy."

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Posted by Robert Owens at November 21, 2010 5:09 PM

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