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November 22, 2010

Re: TSA Chief Pistole Admits America Won't Adapt Israels "Top-Notch Security Procedures" Because "Americans Don't Profile" (Video)

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The TSA Chief John Pistole was on CNN's State of the Union and told Candy Crowley numerous times that although some of the TSA agent's invasive touching may seem over the top ... It's all for our own good. Jim Hoft has the video and the transcript here ....

Pistole also told Candy Crowley that the US could adopt Israel's "top-notch" security procedures but won't because, "Americans don't profile."

(Translation: Barack Hussein "Barry Sotoro" Obama's government doesn't want to offend Muslims ... the people who cause 99% of the violence on the planet and who put us in this mess in the first place. Instead, Obama and his TSA much prefer to have millions of freedom-loving, law-abiding, non-Muslim Americans sexually assaulted and radiated so they can tell Islam's followers exactly what Pistole just said: "Americans don't profile.")

All this in spite of the fact that the profile of the airline attacker is narrow, concrete, uniquely definable and universally known. Put another way, Searching zero-risk passengers makes no one safer. As John Wohlstetter quips at American Spectator, "Are body-cavity searches next, with terrorists already emulating drug mules? Shall we deputize every screener as airport proctologist?

It's hard to see all this in any other way than that our government has eagerly handed the terrorists a victory ... the Islamists have accomplished their initial objective - our freedom no longer matters to our government. The Fourth Amendment no longer applies.

Two questions come to mind: 1) Does this make any sense to you and 2) do these people deserve another chance at governing beyond 2012? If you didn't answer "no" to both questions you're either a Muslim or you've been drinking far too much of the Obama Kool-Aid and are no longer capable of rational thought - ergo your vote here doesn't count.

Meanwhile, Melissa Clouthier points out several of the growing number of horrendous stories about the TSA.

Posted by Richard at November 22, 2010 6:13 AM

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