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November 17, 2010

On the Media's absurd avoidance of associating the word 'Muslim' with anything remotely to do with the violence they enact

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Over at Jihad Watch Robert Spencer perfectly describes the situation we now find ourselves in one in which our politicians and liberal media go to absurd extremes of political correctness in order to avoid any association of Muslims with the violence they indeed are responsible for.

In his introduction to this article at The Telegraph titled "MP 'death list' blog: man charged with soliciting murder" with the lead of "A 23-year-old man has been charged with soliciting murder and other terrorism offences in relation to a blog listing MPs who voted for the Iraq war," Spencer writes:

He's a "man," a "23-year-old man," a man who lives in "Dunstall, Wolverhampton." And those, of course, are the details that the Telegraph considers salient in helping the reader understand why a certain "Bilal Zaheer Ahmad" decided to get involved with a hit list of British MPs. Farther down in the story we do hear, without much explanation, about a rogue website,, but that and this man's name are the only clues we get to what it is going on here. And so it always is with mainstream media sources: the only scenario in which they would have dared identify Bilal Zaheer Ahmad as a Muslim would have been if he helped inform on a jihad plot, not if he participated in one.
No one can seriously doubt that a clear double standard exists in the media and in our liberal-progressive government, one that gives Islam a pass for its association with violence and intolerance. However, as liberal-progressives, the media and the current Administration either fail to understand or through "touchy-feeliness" purposefully ignore the fact that offensive jihad is part and parcel of Islam and it is in the Muslim world's interest to keep the West ignorant of the simple truth that, irrespective of all Muslim grievances -- real or feigned -- nothing less than Islamic law itself mandates a state of constant hostility.

As Raymond Ibrahim astutely notes at PJM, indeed, if the implications of offensive jihad were fully embraced, humanity might be compelled to view the Muslim world as a perpetual, existentialist threat, in need of preemptive containment. That said, and considering the willful ignorance of the West's political elite -- who are guided less by objective facts and more by their "feel-good" ideals -- Muslim talk of offensive jihad, no matter how loud or frequent, will likely continue to fall on deaf ears.

Little wonder that more people around the world get their news online from Google News than from CNN or the news properties of the New York Times and the like. And then there's center-right bloggers that are more likely than not to search and spell-out the truth, with linked sources, many of whom, including Hyscience, continue to receive death threats from Islamists for their efforts.

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Posted by Richard at November 17, 2010 8:44 AM

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