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November 4, 2010

Heavy Far-Left Bias in MSNBC Election Coverage

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While far-Left MSNBC is constantly attacking Fox News for being biased for Republicans, evidence suggests otherwise - and that it's the Left who needs a lesson in fairness:

Reputable cable news outfits generally have at least one bona fide objective journalist covering the returns. For example, Fox News doesn't have Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity hosting the hard-news coverage.

MSNBC on the other hand? Well, I posted these updates last night:

Fox News has one hard news journalists, one conservative, and two liberals on their panel. MSNBC has 5 bombthrowers (including Matthews, Maddow, Olbermann, and O'Donnel) and zero conservatives.
The 5 liberal msnbc hosts interviewed bachmann, called her "moronic", then ridiculed the notion that msnbc is in the tank for the Democrats
So while Fox News didn't stack the deck with conservative commentators, MSNBC asked their entire stable of far-left talking-heads digest the news for their viewers--with no representation from the other side.

Ironically, the five liberals scoffed at the notion that MSNBC was in the tank for Democrats. Republicans might have objected -- if any were included on the panel.

It should come as little surprise then that Mediate reported that Fox's coverage was fairer than MSNBC.

Read more here ...

MSNBC's far-Left bias isn't working out so well - in fact, it's going very badly for them. They're audience for election night coverage amounted to only 1.9 million viewers, while Fox News topped all the cable networks with 7 million viewers. Even CNN topped MSNBC:

Fox News topped the cable networks in primetime election coverage Tuesday night, drawing a total audience of nearly 7 million from 8-11 p.m., according to fast national data from Nielsen.

CNN followed with 2.4 million viewers and MSNBC was third with 1.9 million.

In the news target adults 25-54 demo, Fox had 2.4 million viewers, CNN had 1 million and MSNBC had 669,000.

Fox also prevailed easily in the 5-7 p.m. run-up to the first poll closings, averaging 3.092 million in total viewers and 750,000 25-54's.

Fox prevailed in every daypart, while CNN topped MSNBC across the board as well.

Seems as though even far-Left MSNBC could see the difference between 1.9 million and 7 million, and recognize what cable viewers in droves have long since realized - it's MSNBC that's bias - not Fox News - and that far-Left-speak doesn't sell (one need only look at the Air America model). On the other hand, "fair and balanced" does - and quite contrary to what liberals claim, Fox News is indeed fair and balanced.

Posted by Richard at November 4, 2010 11:16 AM

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