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November 23, 2010

Fight the Use of U.S. Taxpayer Funds to Erect Ground Zero Mega-Mosque

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Pamela Geller has the latest on how you can respond to the jaw-dropping report that the Ground Zero mosque developers have applied for a $5 million grant from 9/11 fund.

Yesterday I posted on the latest Islamic attack on the American people in the second wave of the Ground Zero mosque. Developers of the Ground Zero mega mosque applied for $5 million in federal grant money set aside for the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11th.

The $5 million Islamic supremacist request represents nearly one-third of all the $17 million that is now available. 265 groups have applied for the funding.

Note the morphing mosque narrative. For months Imam Rauf and his gang have been whining that the building destroyed in the attacks of 911 was not near close to Ground Zero, but now they want to be included in the ground zero area's geography. ...

More here ... including contact numbers.

Posted by Richard at November 23, 2010 11:47 AM

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