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October 18, 2010

WaPo: Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks with his 'misguided rhetoric'

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Obama's dream.jpgThat Obama's incompetence and "misguided rhetoric" sabotaged the Middle East peace talks is certainly no surprise. What imight surprise some is that this is coming from the WaPo:

For 15 years and more, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas conducted peace talks with Israel in the absence of a freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Now, it appears as likely as not that his newborn negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu -- and their goal of agreement on a Palestinian state within a year -- will die because of Abbas's refusal to continue without such a freeze.

[...] So why does Abbas stubbornly persist in his self-defeating position? In an interview with Israeli television Sunday night, he offered a remarkably candid explanation: "When Obama came to power, he is the one who announced that settlement activity must be stopped," he said. "If America says it and Europe says it and the whole world says it, you want me not to say it?"

The statement confirmed something that many Mideast watchers have suspected for a long time: that the settlement impasse originated not with Netanyahu or Abbas, but with Obama -- who by insisting on an Israeli freeze has created a near-insuperable obstacle to the peace process he is trying to promote.

[...] In his television interview, Abbas said that Netanyahu had told him that he could not extend the settlement moratorium without causing his right-wing government to collapse. So both leaders are trapped. Netanyahu is a hostage to his cabinet; and Abbas is the prisoner of Obama's misguided rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the clueless, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Obama administration is still refusing to relinquish the idea of a total settlement freeze.

As fpr the liberal-progressive, Obama-supporting, WaPo calling attention to the president's incompetence on the Middle East peace talks, actually the WaPo has been rather critical of his "self-defeating crusade against Israel" for sometime now.

Related: Obama's Landscape of Anti-Semitism (Obama had a disturbing track record from the beginning. The Obama landscape, the landscape of his personal and professional associations, is littered with anti-Semites and rife with Israel haters.)

Posted by Abdul at October 18, 2010 8:03 PM

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