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October 1, 2010

Report: Children Trained by Madrassah to kill for Sharia

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Jamia Hafsa, the fanatical Islamist Madrassah for girls, has been training 14-16 year old girls for suicide missions to target "enemies of Islam." The motto of this institution is Shariat ya Shahada (Sharia or Martyrdom) and this type of training of children for murder certainly fits with this motto. (Hat tip - Kisan)

From the Daily Times:

LAHORE: Three female students of Jamia Hafsa have been trained to carry out suicide attacks on those groups, who are allegedly anti-Islamic or 'misguiding the people' across the country, sources told Daily Times on Thursday. (Emphasis added)

According to a report prepared by an intelligence agency, the government officers might be the prime targets of the attacks, who did not agree with their ideology or are considered anti-Islam.

According to the report, the students prepared for the suicide attacks are identified as Maryam Fatima, daughter of Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Sadiqabad, Ayesha Naseer, daughter of Naseer Ahmad, a resident of Jafarabad and Seema Tabassum, daughter of Manzoor Ahmad, a resident of Baseer Colony, Model Town, Bahawalpur.

The report further added that these students, aged from 14 to 16, had been given complete training of suicide bombing. An intelligence agency has also confirmed this report and advised the senior police officials to adopt foolproof security arrangements to protect the people and keep a close surveillance on the suicide attackers.

After receiving the report, the authorities suggested the intelligence agencies and experienced police officers to become alert and collect more information regarding Jamia Hafsa.

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"Trained to carry out suicide attacks on those groups, who are allegedly anti-Islamic or 'misguiding the people'"? And we're suppose to believe that people like this can be reasoned with? Frankly, the fact that we have a president who actually sympathizes with the Islamist movement scares the hell out of me. (This isn't to suggest that he sympathizes with Islamists' violence, rather that his actions and policies are helping to legitimize shariah.)

Posted by Richard at October 1, 2010 2:19 PM

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