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October 1, 2010

'Proof' Muhammed was a whack job?

Topics: Political News and commentaries, Understanding Islam

I just finished reading "The Medical Case of Muhammad," written by Dede Korkut M.D. and published in 2001, in which a medical case is presented that supposedly proves the Muslim "prophet" Muhammad was a whack job (my wording, not the author's). While I'm not a physician (haven't even stayed in a Holiday Inn Express lately and never even played a doc on TV) and have no background in neuropsychology or medicine, I found the book to be, at the least, entertaining, informative, and thought provoking. Whether or not it's "evidence" is sufficient to make the case that Muhammed indeed suffered delusions from two neurological deficiencies - hydrocephalus and a special kind of epilepsy, I'll leave to others more qualified to discern.

So here's a review of the book by a poster at who claims to be imminently qualified:

As a physician board certified separately in Neurology, in Psychiatry, and in Electroencephalography (study of brain activity & brain waves), I can attest that the material in this book is medically sound and easily understood by laymen. Dr. Korkut's conclusions, based on medical data, are authoritative and compelling. The book is illustrated with accurate medical drawings, photographs, and diagrams. If history is correct as cited by the author (documented with an extensive bibliography), then the prophet Muhammad clearly suffered from brain and mental disorders that directly and adversely effected his thinking and behavior. There is very strong historical and clinical evidence to support the author's conclusions. His treatment of the man, however, is balanced, in that he dismisses (with proof) some negative criticism of the prophet, e.g. his documented polygamy, which in that time and culture was acceptable. But, he also well documents the prophet's pedophilia, his thievery, his lying, and his history of violence and murder.

In addition to my above qualifications, I also have had two years of seminary study. Dr. Korkut's theology in this book is quite sound. This book points out some serious logical, moral, and theological defects of the prophet himself, and some major problems in the Qur'an.

This book obviously will be highly controversial, but it is extremely interesting and is a "must-read". Well worth the price. Unfortunately, this book surely has placed the author's life in danger, and places him in the same position as Salman Rushdie, Dutch filmmaker vanGogh, and the Danish cartoonists.

Although it sounds like the reviewer may be the world's most qualified man to review the book, no evidence of his qualifications is offered, so the review needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Yet it does provide a sense of what the book is all about. As for the book "proving" Muhammed having been a whack job, my guess is (with no disrespect meant toward truly moderate Muslims - if and wherever they exist) that some might say Muhammed has done a good enough job of proving that all by himself with his own actions and those who claim to be among his closest followers - up to and including the present day..

Posted by Richard at October 1, 2010 11:41 AM

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