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October 5, 2010

October is Respect for Life Month

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ProLifeAcrossAmericaBanner.jpgJohn Di Leo reminds us in his "Resect Life? Then Vote For IT!" of a continuing tradition begun in 1972, in which the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States has celebrated each October as Respect Life Month, commencing with a sermon on respect for human life, from conception to natural death, on the first Sunday of October.

As Di Leo goes on to point out, we should see it as a reminder that we must select the candidates who understand how to help get us to being a nation in which abortion is ever rarer, in which scientists aren't paid to play God with their Petri dishes, in which prospective killers fear the swift retribution of a government that understands that truly protecting the innocent does sometimes mean swift punishment for the guilty.

... we must select the candidates who understand how to reach that vision, candidates who understand that the innocent require and merit the government's protection more than do the guilty, and that the morals of those who voluntarily give contributions, and those who are compelled to pay taxes, must be respected when those monies are dispensed, either by church, charity, or government.
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Posted by Richard at October 5, 2010 7:58 AM

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