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October 20, 2010

Michelle Obama 'Cleaning Up the Spirits'

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michelle halo.jpgMichelle Obama's gone to a rather bizarre approach to campaigning. On the Tom Joyner Show, in an interview to rally black voters of faith Michelle Obama called for the "cleaning of the spirits around us":

So, once again, we have the power. We've got this man in office. I think we're all proud of Barack and his accomplishments. Everybody I know in our communities are praying for us. Every day we feel that. And let me just tell your listeners that it means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us.
Michelle Malkin makes a few pertinent points about Ms. O's arrogance and puts it in the perspective of "Ask not what your prayer circle can do for you. Ask what your prayer circle can do for my husband":
As for the "prayer circlesÃ" and "Everybody I know in our communities is praying for us" and "we're all proud of Barack and his accomplishments" jabber, have the Obamas learned nothing about the price of arrogance and the value of humility over the last two years.

Question: Does Michelle O ever pray for anyone other than Barack? (Emphasis added)

Instead of feeling entitled to America's pride and prayers, why doesn't the First Lady show some pride and say prayers for Americans outside the White House, not seeking office, not calling on her to raise campaign funds for them, and not expecting her to clean up their problems.

As usual, the mainstream media ignores all this yet they crucify Christine O'Donnell for saying she dabbled in witchcraft 20 years ago.

(Hat tip to Michelle Malkin on the image)

Posted by Richard at October 20, 2010 4:48 PM

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