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September 2, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around?

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Call it Karma, but this tragic incident about the "green" madman that took people hostage, and terrorized the headquarters of the Discovery Channel yesterday, threatening to explode bombs, is the fringe effect of the eco-nuttiness propaganda that the Discovery Channel itself, and its satellite channels such as the Animal Planet Channel, promote (Lee is just the latest in a long line of eco-terrorists). Seems that, as that purveyor and Mentor, for twenty years, of our "Anointed Messianic" Obama's wisdom - the Reverend Jeremiah "Wrong" - put it once, the Discovery Channel's: "...chickens came home to roost".

Not withstanding, I have no doubt, given the warped eco-terrorist views of this SOB eco-terrorist- supported day by day by the Discovery Channel's "green" propaganda - those bombs were, even though as deadly, "Green, Organic, Bombs", such as made with ammonium nitrate fertilizer and Willie Nelson's "Let's starve the world" grain based "Biodiesel"!

It is not my intention to trivialize this most unfortunate happening, yet given the fact that the Discovery Channel and its satellite channels, such as Animal Planet, have been actively promoting, and giving a platform to, eco-terrorists such as Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation (eco-terrorist) Society, to "peacenik" - commie "green" radicals, and that it panders to the "Global Warming" swindlers every chance it has in all of its programming of late, makes me wonder if they will not make of this "green" lunatic a hero, and make of this tragedy another unsavory "eco-reality" show out of it, to promote their Communist-Green agenda!

By the way, and talking about that eco-terrorist Paul Watson - who it wouldn't surprise me that he preaches Marxism and Socialism to the penguins in Antartica in his spare time - where the hell are the descendants of those indomitable Japanese Zero pilots of WW II, who committed Kamikaze and suicidally dived into our battleships back then, today???

As mad as the Japanese are at Watson, he's lucky that none of them are around today to climb into one of those vintage Zeros of their forebears (there are still plenty around), for the honor of their Ancestors and of Japanese Culture, and place a couple of well aimed torpedoes in the Steve Irwin - "Admiral" (LMAO) Paul Watson's Flagship - and his - "Tub-that-couldn't" - sidekick vessel, the Bob Barker (already rammed by Japanese whalers), deliver us all from this eco-terrorist misery, and open a slot in the programming of the Animal Planet channel, perhaps ( cross your fingers), for better programming?

Posted by Althor at September 2, 2010 3:26 PM

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