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September 13, 2010

(Video) Ray Stevens: God Save Arizona (from our own federal government)

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues, Political News and commentaries

Saw this on Fox tonight; seems sufficiently entertaining to merit putting it up even if it's been out a while. It's Ray Stevens telling it like it is: God save America from our own federal government:

"That was 1941. And years later, in 2010, Arizona is a target once again, attacked by drug lords, terrorists and our own Attorney General. What they're trying to do to Arizona surely must be criminal."

"God save Arizona. You must know she's under siege again. God save Arizona. She's our front line of defense from the enemy within. She can handle the illegals and protesting malcontents. But God save Arizona from our own federal government"

"You're a patriot Jan Brewer and you too Joe Arpaio. And America is with you, much more than you can know."

"All hands man your battle stations. More bombers are on the way. They're attacking Arizona, but they want to sink the USA."

Posted by Richard at September 13, 2010 11:25 PM

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